ECT Forum 6.10.2011

Paikka: Helsingin Messukeskus, Ballroom

Aika: 6.10.2011 9:00-11:00


Internet of things is here – Tekes Ubicom highlights


Kimmo Ahola, Ubicom programme manager, Tekes:
Opening word


Petri Liuha, Program Coordinator, Nokia Oyj:
Smart objects for intelligent applications

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Main goal of Sofia the project is to make "embedded information" in the physical world available for smart services - connecting physical world with information world

Janne Peltonen, Reseach Scientist, VTT:
Embedded systems for energy efficient buildings

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eDIANA (Embedded Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings) addresses the need of achieving energy efficiency in buildings through innovative solutions based on embedded systems.

Johan Lilius, Professor, Åbo Akademi:
Reduced certification costs for trusted multi-core platforms

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The RECOMP (Reduced certification cost for trusted multi-core platforms) research project aims to establish methods, tools and platforms for enabling cost-efficient certification and re-certification of safety-critical systems and mixed-criticality systems, i.e. systems containing safety-critical and non-safety-critical components.

Timo D. Hämäläinen, Professor, TTY:
Function based platform

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The project improves collaborative embedded product development by IP reuse, metadata and tools. The results are best practices to requirements management, new open source Kactus2 tool combining IEEE1685 IP-XACT metadata and Multicore Association MCAPI, reference IP library for products, and high-performance FPGA baseboard. Funbase benefits are decreased overlapping work, less design errors and easier adoption of FPGA technology by SW engineers.

Juhani Latvakoski, Senior Research Scientist, VTT:
Ubiquitous M2M service networks

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The Ubiquitous M2M service Networks (Usenet) project has been focused in M2M systems and their infrastructures. Project has created M2M system specification the parts of which have been evaluated in telematics, machine tools, domotics, transportation and ubicom related experimental systems.


Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö, Head of Unit, Etla:
Unveiling the role of software development within the Finnish manufacturing industries

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The role and importance of embedded software developed by the Finnish manufacturing industry have often been significantly underestimated.
Based on unique large scale data we shed light on this matter and find that software developed by the manufacturing firms already makes a significant contribution to their operations and it is viewed as prerequisite to maintain competitive advantage by many of the firms.
Furthermore, in most cases the software subcontracting activities related to the manufacturing industry seem to be domestic rather than international.