Green Mining

Green Mining -ohjelman tutkimushankkeet

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Lista tutkimusprojekteista:

Arsenic Control in Mining Processes and Extractive Industry – ARSENAL

Production integrated condition-based maintenance model for mining industry – DEVICO

Different Land-Uses and Local Communities in Mining – DILACOMI

Mining place as a renewable energy source – MINERES

Solutions for Control of Nitrogen Discharges at Mines and Quarries – Miniman

Novel methods for online monitoring environmentally critical substances (primarily nickel) in process and waste water streams – NICK

Novel technologies for greenfield exploration – NovTecEx

Process Scale-up for Sulphide Poor PGE Ores – PROSU

Assessment of Rare Earth Metal Recovery Processes – REPRO

Service oriented automation for efficient rock and ore exploitation – SOREX

Low-cost adsorbents from idustrial wastes - ADSMAT

Developing Deep Mining Camp Exploration

Ultra low-impact exploration methods in the subarctic – UltraLIM

Compact, Combined and Co-working Pretreatments for Mining Industry – CCCP

Bio-oxidation and autoclave pressure oxidation of gold bearing concentrates – PreGOLD

Energy and Chemicals Saving Flotation Concentration – EnSaCo

Purification and monitoring concept for mining water treatment based on new water technologies – PuMi

Preconditions and tools for social license to mine – SOLIMI

Particles and noise in sustainable mining environment – HIME

Mine Closure Technologies Resource – Closedure

Filtration of mining industry and development of filtration process measurement – MineFiltr

Sustainable mineral processing by on-line optical measurements towards better process management – MineSense

Flexible Optimization of Underground Mine Production – FlexiMINE

Smart Mine Water Treatment System – SEEWAY

Sustainable Acceptable Mining – SAM

Tools for sustainable gold mining in EU - SUSMIN

Treatment and utilization of solid waste from the mining industry – TREWA

Bio-oxidation and autoclave pressure oxidation of gold bearing concentrates – PreGOLD

Investigation and improvement of the life cycle management of steel materials used under the extreme conditions in mining industry – MineSteel

Reconciliation of Mining and Tourism in North-West Finland - KAMYK

Management of the water balance and quality in mining areas - WaterSmart

Geopolymerisation of sulphidic mine tailings - GEOSULF

Intelligent Mine Water Management – iMineWa

Dynamic Control of Underground Mining Operations - DynaMine

SO4 – New sulfate removal process