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  • Full report: China's "One Belt One Road" Initiative: Insights for Finland (slideshare)
    Team Finland Future Watch report, January 2016
    Summary (slideshare)
    What implications on business in shorter and longer term does the largest infrastructure initiative of our time – China's "One Belt One Road" – provide for Finnish companies and for Europe in strategic terms? Team Finland Future Watch is contributing to the discussion by providing two studies on the subject: one for China and one for Kazakhstan. The following report is about the China's OBOR initiative.

  • Askelmerkkejä joukkorahoitukseen, Team Finland Future Watch, lokakuu 2015
  • China's Innovations are Going Global – New Emerging Business Models. (slideshare) Team Finland Future Watch Report, May 2015
    Executive summary (pdf)
    Chinese companies are moving up the value chain and a growing number of innovative enterprises are emerging. The China context for innovation is a highly complex, diverse, dynamic and discontinuous environment accentuated by time-space compression. This context has led to many imperfections and customer pain points, which are often turned into opportunities by innovative entrepreneurs. In this study, numerous cases are profiled in order to unlock the DNA of China's new breed of innovative companies.

  • China Investment Environment – Start-up/Growth Company Finance Market in China. (slideshare) Team Finland Future Watch Report, February 2015
    Main findings (slideshare)
    Report summarizes the start-up and growth company finance market in China. The report consists of analysis and views of the present state of the start-up/growth company finance market in China as well as views of the future trends and implications of those. Then, advise to the Finnish public sector, companies and VCs is provided.