Platform Economy – Innovation ecosystems for digital revolution

So called "platform companies" are emerging as important engines of innovation that is driving the renewal in traditional industries and businesses. Platform services, such as e-commerce, mobile payment, logistics, transportation and connected health have become an important source of economic growth due to global scalability and high performance of these services. Since the platform companies create value typically outside the traditional boundaries of the firm they can have asset light structures, and therefore, stride resource efficiency to new levels. It can be stated that platform business models represent the cutting edge of digital transformation.

Development of platform businesses generates new management challenges and opportunities associated with different firm structures. In addition, these new platform businesses are high likely to induce new regulatory challenges including tax policy, competition policy, data residency, privacy, insurance, finance and employment. The regulatory environment can be a key driver for emergence of new platform businesses.

This call addressed platform economy from two angles; 1) development of winning strategies for platform business and 2) the prerequisites for smart regulation under the topic to boost emerging platform economy."