Eurooppalainen yhteistyö

Tekes on mukana eurooppalaisessa ERA-NET -yhteistyössä. ERA-NET -hankkeet verkottavat julkisia rahoittajia. Hankkeet voivat avata yhdessä hakuja eurooppalaisille konsortioille.

ERA-NETit, joissa Tekes on mukana

Bioenergy Sustaining the Future (BESTF) will provide funding to collaborative bioenergy projects that demonstrate at least one innovative step and will result in demonstration at a pre-commercial stage. Boosting the contribution of bioenergy to the EU climate and energy ambitions.
Lisätietoa: Sebastian Johansson

ECO-INNOVERA focuses on the support of eco-innovation in research and development. R&D as the first pillar of the value chain has a key function to provide markets and society with new products and services. To reach a worldwide leading position and being globally competitive, Europe needs to boost the implementation of eco-innovation in industry, especially in SMEs, as well as in the society.
Lisätietoa: Karin Wikman

Network on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries.
Lisätietoa: Kari Keskinen

ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus
ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus is an initiative of 21 European countries and regions. The vision for smart grids in Europe is to create an electric power system that integrates renewable energies and enables flexible consumer and production technologies.
Lisätietoja: Jussi Mäkelä

Since 2006, ETB has been launching annual calls for innovative research proposals. The mission of ETB is to foster the competitiveness of the European biotechnology industry by supporting research intensive SMEs and their strategic partner with the aim of achieving a thriving European biotechnology industry.
Lisätietoa: Raimo Pakkanen

M-ERA.NET aims to address societal challenges and technological needs with an interdisciplinary approach, creating a flexible umbrella structure to allow coverage of topics in materials science and engineering. It also organises joint calls for transnational RTD projects.
Lisätietoa: Sisko Sipilä

The network of national and regional funding organizations has been established in order to increase transnational cooperation between RTD and innovation programmes, and to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII) through dedicated transnational activities (especially transnational calls).
Lisätietoa: Karin Wikman

The WW-Net+ consortium consists of 20 eligible partners - ministries, funding agencies and programme management organisations - which are key players in the implementation of national or regional research activities in the field of wood and material science and engineering as well as forestry. 
Lisätietoa: Ilmari Absetz

Päättyneitä hankkeita

EPISIS – European policies and instruments to support service innovation
EPISIS project was funded under PRO INNO Europe initiative of the European Commission. Tekes was the coordinator of the project.

This ERA-NET project was coordinated by Tekes. The MATERA ERANET united the materials science expertise of programme managers from 13 countries. The partners aimed to develop procedures that would first allow national research to be opened up, then integrated into joint, transnational programmes.