Presenting Smart Solutions from Finland in Amsterdam June 2016

A variety of Finnish companies, cities and research projects funded by Tekes were presenting innovative solutions for cities in Amsterdam Smart City Conference in June 8.-9.2016. Thematic areas covered were Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart Transport and services related to these themes. Together with the private companies also City of Turku, City of Jyväskylä and the Finnish Growth Corridor were presented.

Co-operation between Tekes and the Dutch Embassy aims for business opportunities for both countries

The benchmarking and business visit to Amsterdam was part of a larger aim to internationalise Finnish private companies towards European markets, this time destination being Holland. Holland is an important business destination to Finland exporting being 3,4 billion euros at 2014 and import about 3,6 billion euros. The share of Netherlands in Finnish export and import was over 6 % at year 2015, and Netherlands is the fifth largest business companion to Finland with growing share. The Finnish private companies attending to the benchmarking and business visit were altogether 12 with following service offering:

  • Convion Oy:  solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems in power range of 50–300kW for distributed power generation
  • Dimenteq Oy: GIS based data  collection and information from your environment
  • Endev Oy: sludge thermal treatment with high water content materials handling technology
  • IQ Payments Oy:  Mobile payment solutions for public and private transport
  • Leanpark Oy:  All Vehicle Robotic Parking system
  • Lehtovuori Oy: Smart, censored litter bins, recycling bins and other street furniture’s as benches, shelters, smart bicycle storing system and the service management tool
  • Linkker Oy: zero emission city bus public transport
  • Nuuka Solutions Oy: Software platform for commercial and public buildings to improve energy efficiency, indoor climate condition and sustainability
  • Shareit Bloxcar: Platform dedicated to the idea of car-sharing and intelligent transport
  • Sito Oy:  Open 4D City Model in City Planning and Building Inspection
  • Tehomet Oy: custom steel and wooden light poles and lighting masts
  • Parkkisähkö: Intelligent electric vehicle charging

The visit to the meetings and Smart City Amsterdam Conference had also some forehand actions during the spring. The private companies and cities participating were offered to take part of training arranged by senior advisor Pertti Woitsch with long career in international business, now working for company called Geowise. Tekes co-operated also with the Dutch Embassy offering insights to the similarities and differences in business partnerships in Holland, and also some Finnish success stories in the Dutch market. The Dutch Embassy also worked together with Tekes to find interesting partners and possible customers to the companies involved.

The Finnish pavilion got a lot notice at the Smart City Expo with Smart Solutions from Finland brochure presenting all the offering at the conference together with examples of the interesting ongoing research projects funded by Tekes. There were good discussions, information and connections shared and business interest from all over the world. Especially the Finnish mobility solutions were in talks, as well Mobility as a Service-concept.

The event was highlighted with the business matchmaking lunch on a nearby restaurant balcony. The business lunch attracted Dutch companies as well as the smart city networks RVO and Alliander as well as City Protocol Society together with the City represents from Amsterdam Smart City office.  After short presentations by each participants the connecting discussions took place and very interesting business partnerships took place.

As we heard in the Dutch Embassy, when combining the Finnish engineering skills to the Dutch salesman skills, you get a perfect marriage for result! This is a good beginning for a longer partnership, and hopefully also for excellent new business relations too.

Finnish companies were taking part of training arranged by senior advisor Pertti Woitsch from Geowise

Finnish Pavilion showcased smart city solutions from Finland at the Amsterdam Smart City Event 2016

The Finnish-Dutch matchmaking lunch was a success with private companies and city delegates

Text and photos: Maarit Vuorela

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