Nordic Digital Business Summit, Sept 22, 2016 – Showcase of IoT from Finland

This information is targeted to Finnish companies having a world class IoT and digitalization offering.

Espoo Innovation Garden is attracting an impressive group of companies to Nordic Digital Business Summit (NDBS) on September 22, 2016. There are well known companies coming from Europe, USA and Asia such as Roll Royce, NASA, IBM, Google and SparkLabs Global Ventures to name a few. These large international corporate players are looking for innovations, technologies, business and partnering opportunities with startups, growth and mature companies from Finland.

Team Finland is teaming up with Espoo Innovation Garden to promote IoT from Finland to these companies, who are looking for solutions. For example,

  • ROLLS ROYCE (Europe) is looking for companies in the industrial internet
  • NASA Ames (Silicon Valley) and Keynote Speakers, IoT/Digitalization track wishes to engage with companies dealing with AR, VR and neuroscience, eye tracking, intelligent systems and humans, next generation of wearable devices, real time measurement of human performance, cutting edge development of new products, what is next in human-machine interaction devices, robotics and interaction with humans, drones and ground systems and control systems
  • IBM (Israel) wishes to meet with companies involved with connected devices and wearables
  • SWECO is looking at serious gaming and analytics
  • NOKIA is exploring multiple sectors
  • SINGAPORE is looking at companies that will help their country to be a Smart IoT Country

Additionally, these corporates will be in the audience or have a stand, including ERICSSON (Finland), GOOGLE (Europe), NTTDocomo (Japan), INTEL (Europe), PANASONIC (Europe), ORANGE (France) as well as companies and investors from the USA, Germany, Israel and Spain.

The NDBS IoT/Digitalization track speakers include:

  • Dr. Alonso Vera, Division Chief, Human System Interface Division, NASA Ames (Silicon Valley)
  • Dr. Asad Adi, Senior Manager, IoT and Wearables, IBM Haifa Research Lab (Israel)
  • Bob van Luijit, CEO, Kubrickology (Netherlands). Bob has worked/works with Google on a number of IoT-related topics.
  • Esa Jokioinen, Head, Blue Ocean Team, Rolls Royce (Europe)
  • Net Jacobsson, Co-founder and General Partner, SparkLabs Global Ventures (Palo Alto, California)
  • - Jean-Sebastian Bedo, Head, Network Foresight & Strategy, ORANGE Labs Research
  • Tuuli Ahava, Head, Innovation, IoT-Cloud, NOKIA
  • Dr. Alon Halevy, CEO, Recruit Institute of Technology (California). R.I.T. is the innovation hub of Recruit Holdings based in Japan. Also, Dr. Halevy worked for Google who bought his earlier company.
  • Amal Graafstra, Technologist, Author and Double RFID Implantee (Seattle)
  • Johannes Koponen, Head of Foresight, Demos Helsinki
  • Sim Zhilin, Centre Director, Europe, EDB (Singapore)
  • Jean-Sebastien Bedo, Head of Networks Foresight and Strategy, Orange Labs Research (France) and Board Member, 5G Industry Association

In addition to speakers, the program includes a possibility for contacts between startups, growth and mature companies and major global players. There will be:

  • Possibility to arrange one-to-one meetings (via meeting management tool, opening a few days prior the event)
  • Three Corporate Pitching Sessions to Startups by NASA, IBM and SWECO
  • One Investor Pitch to Startups by SparkLabs
  • Networking (during the event and after the speaker presentations)

As part of Team Finland and Espoo Innovation Garden co-operation to support growth for IoT companies from Finland, we are able to offer members of Team Finland program a possibility to join to the event. Number of packages is limited, so act fast:
Stand Package (special fee for Team Finland):

Ticket package (with Team Finland discount of 50%):

Here is the link to event NDBS, IoT agenda webpages,

Eero Lukin