China-Finland Strategic ICT Alliance coordinator helps to identify Chinese partners

In addition to Tekes contacts in the 2016 Sino-Finnish Call you may contact the China-Finland Strategic ICT Alliance coordinator to help in identifying prospective partners in China and also for getting linked with some project proposals in preparation.

The China-Finland Strategic ICT Alliance was launched in 2009 by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), China, and Finland's Ministry of Employment and the Economy to create a platform for international R&D&I cooperation in digital technologies and services. It has involved a number of Chinese and Finnish universities, companies and public sector entities in its activities over the years, also in areas related to the topics of the currently open call.

The China-Finland call for companies for cleantech, ICT, urbanization and design research, development & innovation projects by Tekes, the Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China (MoST) together with Jiangsu and Zhejiang S&T Departments is open until 29th April 2016.


Matti Hämäläinen
Director, China cooperation
DIGILE / China-Finland Strategic ICT Alliance
Tel. +358 407580150
matti.hamalainen (at)

Kaj Nordgren