Uusi EUREKA-klusteri Eureka Metallurgy Europa käynnistynyt

EUREKA Metallurgy Europa -klusteri on saanut virallisesti käynnistysluvan. Klusterin ensimmäinen haku on auki ja päättyy jo heinäkuun lopussa. Seuraava haku on luvassa puolen vuoden päästä. EUREKA on eurooppalainen verkosto, joka sopii erityisen hyvin yritysten keskinäisiin innovaatiohankkeisiin.

EUREKA Metallurgy Europa -klusterin johtaja David Jarvis kertoo käynnistyneestä klusterista: 

The new cluster, Metallurgy Europe, has been intergovernmentally selected at the High-Level EUREKA Meeting in Lugano Switzerland, as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of EUREKA. Finland is one of the member states to support this strategic, 7-year R&D cluster.

The final cluster label was awarded to Metallurgy Europe by eleven supporting countries (BE, CH, CZ, CY, ES, FI, HU, IE, PT, TK, ZA); seven more are likely to join later in the year (DE, AT, NO, DK, SE, PL, CA).

The cluster is an industrially-driven R&D programme focused on discovering new metallic materials and manufacturing them into high-value products for engineering applications. The cluster already involves 270 top industries and labs across Europe, Turkey, South Africa and Canada.

Finnish industries are therefore invited to participate in creating and submitting proposal outlines and should contact Tekes for more information about funding opportunities. Due to the bottom-up nature of Metallurgy Europe, Finnish companies can also proactively propose topics for future calls in 2016/2017, by contacting the cluster office directly.

The main advantages of cluster projects include: proximity to market, large network of partners, bottom-up approach, low bureaucracy, SME friendliness, speedy proposal handling, high success rate, and a well-known scheme with a 30-year history.


Tom Warras
National EUREKA Project Coordinator
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Matti Evola
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