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A member event on 15 December: Paris Climate Conference 2015 – COP21 – Results & Business Impacts

Cleantech Finland organizes a member event on 15 December 2015. The event is for Cleantech Finland members only.

The theme of the event is "Paris Climate Conference 2015 – COP21 – Results & Business Impacts".


Cleantech Finland is a Finnish joint effort to boost the internationalization of Finnish cleantech companies. At the core of its activities is the Cleantech Finland® brand which seeks to strengthen the reputation of Finland as a leading cleantech country and that of its member companies as frontrunners in the field. Cleantech Finland joins the Finnish cleantech network into a unified team in global markets. Cleantech Finland membership and the visibility it offers to companies is free of charge. The network is open for all companies that are pursuing growth from global cleantech markets.

Sanna Nuutila