Creating green growth through digitalization

Better future requires sustainable solutions and technologies that will enable economic growth while taking into account the critical environmental aspects. Shortage of natural resources, sustainable energy production and clean environment are global challenges that will create business opportunities for ambitious, forward-looking entrepreneurs who are ready to challenge the old paradigm. Green growth links key challenges of the sustainable economy to the global megatrends that are shaping our future. We need new mindset – and of course a set of new smart technologies, solutions and actions.

While green growth doesn’t have an unambiguous definition, typically it means sustainable, resource-efficient economic growth based on maintaining the functional capacity of our ecosystems to continue providing us the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies. Tekes Green Growth programme aims to identify potential new growth areas for the sustainable economy business. These new growth areas call for smart and sustainable solutions to global challenges, paving the way for a transition to a green economy. One of the growth areas in this transition is digitalization, which is receiving increasing attention worldwide through various policies and initiatives.

Digitalization, including information and communication technologies (ICT), digital services and digital value creation, can be seen as a key enabler of green growth in all sectors of the economy. It is important to understand the link between digitalization and global megatrend dynamics such as energy efficiency, waste management and new business models. Greener and smarter digital services provide better environmental performance in the economy and society through enabling and systemic impacts, for example, by making production more resource-efficient or by changing the behavior of individual consumers.

Better Future session - Green Growth by Tekes

The session Better Future by Tekes’ Green Growth programme at MindTrek 2014 will focus on digitalization in the green economy. We challenge ICT entrepreneurs and professionals, students and interdisciplinary thinkers to come and join us in a mind blowing session which will highlight the aforementioned opportunities of the sustainable economy business. We will bring to the stage interesting company cases together with a stimulating investor perspective, and offer a plenty of time for questions in an interactive Q&A session with the speakers.

Speakers of the session include:

Lassi Noponen is the chairman of the board at Cleantech Invest, an investor operating between cleantech growth companies and large industrial corporations as a pathfinder, combining the innovative powers of entrepreneurship with industrial scalability.

Kari Herlevi is a programme manager at Tekes. He is responsible for the Resource efficient economy area in Tekes and is leading the Green Growth – Towards a Sustainable Future programme.

Anders Brotherus leads business development at Enevo, an Espoo-based startup tackling the challenges of waste collection around the world. Using data from fill-level sensors in trash bins, Enevo’s algorithms calculate the optimal collection routes, helping customers drive trucks up to 60% less.

Jani Joki heads development at Futuremark, the world’s leading benchmark developer. Adapting to a modern world where users of mobile devices demand long battery life in addition to great performance, Futuremark is developing a reliable energy efficiency indicator for PC and mobile devices.

Harri Paloheimo is the CEO of Coreorient, a company revolutionizing the delivery paradigm with a ride sharing service for goods called PiggyBaggy, in which consumers and other players transport goods to locations en route to their own destinations. Could the service become the Uber for parcel deliveries?

The session is hosted by Markku Heino, Spinverse, Coordinator of the Tekes Green Growth programme.

You don’t want to miss this one! The session will be held on Wednesday, 5th of November 15:15-17:00 at the Main Hall Stage.

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