Functional Materials Final Report Published

Read the report here: “Sustainable materials solutions – From Finnish research to global business”

The Functional Materials programme (2007–2013) has systematically built new multi-disciplinary expertise in materials technology through application-driven R&D on advanced materials and related processing methods, creating new technologies and business base and renewing the Finnish industry. Out of Tekes innovation funding granted to companies in the programme, 56 per cent has been allocated to SMEs and companies seeking international growth. The 94 projects completed so far have generated more than 100 patents, more than 200 scientific publications and 90 theses. Moreover, 14 new start-ups have developed their own technology in the programme. 28 company projects and 29 research projects are still ongoing and will produce a significant amount of new results. The expected business impact already during 2009-2013 for companies included in the programme amount to as much as EUR 2 billion, even though the actual impact of the development work will not be visible until the next few years.

The Final Report will highlight the key aspects and achievements of the programme. We have gathered the Finnish materials R&D community actively together, boosted the building of ambitious research activities to provide critical solutions and grow new multi-disciplinary competences needed for research and industry. The major part of the publication will present selected results highlights of a bunch of projects representing the main research themes. We are proud to say that world-class scientific and technical results have been achieved which enable renewing industries and provide concrete solutions to the great societal challenges regarding energy, health and the environment.

Read the example cases and learn about the new competences, technologies and opportunities available.

The world is not yet ready, but we have provided good building blocks for a sustainable future!
Contact us or the key players of the projects, and let’s build the next big things together!

Thank you all for successful cooperation during the past years!

Markku Heino & Vilja Vara, Spinverse
Markku Lämsä, Tekes