Expression of Interest for the 1st ECSEL Call

The Commission will celebrate the start of 5 new JTI’s (including ECSEL-JTI) on July 7. The official first call of ECSEL will be launched shortly after July 7. 

The time is too short to build-in a PO phase for the first ECSEL call; instead the (shadow) ECSEL-JU launches today a non-compulsory Expression of Interest (EoI). To submit an EoI, it might be important for you to stimulate the respective participating Member States to allocate enough funding in your country and the countries of your foreseen project participants if you have in mind to submit a project proposal in the first ECSEL call. The Commission will fund up to 135 MEuro for the first call and expects that the participating Member States together will mirror this amount.

You can find the EoI on the website of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking:

The two documents that are published on the ECSEL website are also here:
ECSEL Eol 2014 Invitation
ECSEL Eol 2014 Submission Template (draft)