Tarjouspyyntö The evaluation of Tekes´ overseas offices

Invitation to tender on the procurement of The evaluation of Tekes overseas offices and their services 13/25/2014.

HILMA-announcement is published 20.03.2014


The project involves the evaluation of Tekes’ overseas and liaison offices and their services.

The evaluation shall be structured in accordance with Tekes’ impact analysis model. In the model, the impact is analysed on four levels:  impact on society and economy, output, activities and input. There are also three Tekes objectives: a wellbeing society and environment, productivity and renewal of industries, and capabilities in innovation activities.

The evaluation includes 4 working packages, conclusions and recommendations.

Invitation to tender (pdf)

Annex 1 Price Form

Annex 2 Table of person skills

Annex 3 Affirmation

Annex 4 Table of business or professional secrets

Annex 5  Contract draft

Submission of tenders

Completed tenders must be delivered primarily via email, no later than 30 of April 2014 at 4 pm Eastern European Time (EET) to the following email address: kirjaamo@tekes.fi,

or posted in a sealed envelope to Tekes´s registry office in the address:

P.O. Box 69 (Kyllikinportti 2)
00101 Helsinki

Emails or envelopes must be clearly marked: “13/25/2014”.

Additional information during the competition

During the tendering procedure, the tenderers may request additional information by e-mailing their questions to Kilpailutus@tekes.fi. The subject of the e-mail must have the reference “Questions 13/25/2014”. Please submit your questions and your return address (e-mail addresses) by no later than 1.4.2014 at 4 p.m. In order to ensure the equal treatment of all candidates, no telephone enquiries or information requests will be answered. The responses to the questions will be published here by 7.4.2014.



A total of 11 questions were received in response to the tender by 4.4.2014. The questions and answers are summarized below.

In the questions, references to the parties or organizations asking the questions have been removed.  If multiple questions refer to the same matter then the questions have been combined and one answer is provided. The questions have also been grouped according to subject.

Question: (in reference to: Invitation to tender 3.2.1.)How many comparable countries are expected to be benchmarked?

Answer: The aim is to find comparable countries. The number can be 3-5. The tenderer can suggest the five countries mentioned in the tender or other suitable countries.

  1. Question: (ref: 3.2.1) How many Tekes customer companies are expected to be interviewed?  Which countries?

Answer: Work package 1 is supposed to be based on document analysis, not on interviews. The aim is to recognize the leading and rising innovation ecosystem countries/areas for companies and research.

  1. Question: (ref: 3.2.2) Is the consultant expected to contact and interview all 8 overseas offices in the network?  Which ones are the most important to include?

Answer: All the current offices are to be evaluated.

  1. Question:(ref. 3.2.2) Will Tekes provide lists of all customers?

Answer: Yes, the list of Tekes customers will be available during the evaluation.

  1. Question:(ref: 3.2.2) How many stakeholders are expected to be interviewed?

Answer: No exact number can be given. It depends on the tenderer’s approach.

  1. Question: How many and which country FinPro, embassies and other Finnish governmental and policy actors are expected to be interviewed?  Which countries?  Will a list be provided?

Answer: Referring to answer no 5.

  1. Question: (ref 3.2.2) Are all 8 overseas offices to be included?  Will Tekes provide customer lists and contacts by country?

Answer: Referring to answer 3.

  1. Question:( ref 3.2.3) 1. and 2.   Is the consultant expected to contact and interview all 8 overseas offices in the network?  Which ones are the most important to include?

Answer: Referring to answer 3.

  1. Question: Are there any requirements or restrictions related to the independence of the evaluation team members from the target of the evaluation? I.e., could the evaluation team include experts who have for example been employed by Tekes in the overseas offices, have been board members of Tekes or board/steering group members of other related bodies?

Answer: No restrictions.

  1.  Question: / 2 questions concerning the section 4 (minimum requirement of the experience of the internationalization of a company) in the Table of Person’s Skills. Section 4 is said to be unclear and it has been asked to advise, what kind of information is wanted in section 4 of the table. The same information is also asked in Section 6 at the same Table.

Answer: There is a new Table of Person´s Skills available at the Tekes’ web-site. In this table section 4 is corrected and converted to the Tekes formulation of minimum requirement due to its real nature and is to be answered yes if the minimum requirement is met or no, if it is not met. Minimum requirement concerns at least two (2) team members.  The change Tekes has made to the table is to be regarded as a minor change and no other change is made to the table and its content.

Detailed information about the measures of the required experience is to be informed at section 6, as previously demanded.


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