Invitation to tender 21/25/2014 Strategic partners for international activities

Hilma announcement is published on 4.7.2014.
Jättöaika: pe 04.07.2014 - ma 01.09.2014

Tekes is seeking for strategic partners to produce knowledge/trends/views of the changes in target countries and regions and understanding of the effects of these changes to Finnish enterprises and innovation actors. Tekes also seeks support to the networking in these countries. 

The regions to be covered in the service are 1) Africa (especially South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria), 2) India and 3) Brazil.

Invitation to Tender

Price Form 

Table of person skills


Table of business or professional secrets

Draft contract

General Terms of Public Procurement in service contracts (JYSE 2009 Services)

Completed tenders must be delivered primarily via email, no later than 1st of September 2014 at 4:00 p.m Eastern European Time (EET) to the following email address:, or posted in a sealed envelope to Tekes´s registry office in the address:

P.O. Box 69 (Kyllikinportti 2)
FI-00101 Helsinki

During the tendering procedure, the tenderers may request additional information by e-mailing their questions to The subject of the e-mail must have the reference “Partners 21/25/2014”. Please submit your questions and your return address (e-mail addresses) by no later than 13.8.2014 at 4:00 p.m. In order to ensure the equal treatment of all candidates, no telephone enquiries or information requests will be answered. The responses to the questions will be published here by 18.8.2014.

1.  For the “A) Information”  is there a target volume and delivery schedule for signals, trends, and changes to be delivered for the  regions in question, i.e. how many signals / trend updates is Tekes expecting per day, week or Month?

  • The tenderer is asked to propose in the plan the target volume and the delivery schedule for signals etc.

2. The RFP mentions that Tekes estimates that the volume of the service is about 50 – 70 working days/region annually. Will there be an agreed amount of work for the selected provider to allow for the delivery of the signals, trends, and changes to be delivered for the regions in question?

  • The proposal should be done with this estimate.

3. Is it permitted that the tenderer would act as main contractor and 1-2 other firms act as sub-contract to us?

  • Yes it is, but tenderer has to have a representative office (or other permanent, administrative arrangement) at the region the tender concerns.

4. What is the budget for Indian contract?

  • Tenderer should propose the price according to the requirements in the tender.   

5. Whether we have to have a separate consultant/expert for each position, or is it acceptable if one consultant is proposed to shoulder responsibilities of two or more positions (provided that this consultant meets all required criteria of these positions)?

  • Yes it is possible.

6. Whether the Finland Innovation Expert has to be based out of Finland, or he/she could be based anywhere as long as that person meets all criteria?

  • Finnish innovation system expert need not to be based in Finland.

7. Whether people who are presently working with any Finnish government/ministry agency are eligible?

  • They are not ruled out, if they have required competences.

8. Can we propose multiple candidates for a particular position, so that you can select the best suitable candidate?

  • Proposed team has to have named candidates.  

9. You have mentioned the contract period for about 1 year and required man days as only 70 (maximum). Whether the 70 man days include all the positions or whether each position requires 70 man days effort?

  • 50-70 man days/ per team /region.

10. Whether we have to provide the above services on a periodic/continuous basis during the contract period of one year (70 mandays in total), OR do we only need to present our findings in a comprehensive Report towards the end of the contract period?

  • The supplier should report regularly during the contract, not only in the end of the period.

11. Is there any specific/tentative time schedule for each of the above required deliverables?

  • Tenderer should make an implementation plan where indicate tentative time schedule. Detailed time schedule will be agreed later.   

12. We assume the decision about 3 to 5 deeper analysis will be taken after we submit our comprehensive report towards the end of the contract period. Kindly clarify. Also, please provide more clarity on the level of depth of analysis that may be required with suitable samples/examples, if any.

  • The deeper analysis will be asked earlier during the contract period, not in the end.  

13. a) We assume we have to provide information about the innovation network/ecosystems in our comprehensive Report towards the end of the contract period. Kindly confirm if this is correct.

  • Tentative report of the network and ecosystem should be finished earlier as a base for the matchmaking possibilities.   

13. b) Whether we have to undertake actual match making activities, OR we only need to include the information about the match-making possibilities in our comprehensive Report towards the end of the contract period?  In case of the latter, to what extent will be our role in match-making activities?

  • Matchmaking possibilities should be available during the contracting period.

14. To summarise our queries/observations, what we understand from the “ Invitation to Tender” is that our entire project team will collaborate for meeting the objectives of the contract (spending about 70 mandays in total); and towards the end of the contract period, we have to submit a comprehensive Report which should meet all the requirements of the Tender. Kindly clarify whether our understanding is correct. If not, kindly give details of the process.

  • The supplier should report regularly during the contract, not only in the end of the period.

14. What is meant by “The workload of experts in carrying out the assessment will be taken into account in tender comparison.”

  • If any of experts have a small workload (like less than 5 days) this will give less points in comparison.

15. If a team has multiple members, would each member have to meet all the sub-criteria? OR, the evaluation and scoring be done on the basis of the entire team together meeting the sub-criteria? For eg: the Team Lead may meet subcriterion 1 and 3, and the Finnish Innovation Expert may meet subcriterion 2, and so on. Is this understanding correct?

  • The team will be compared as a whole, e.g. one expert need not to fulfill all criteria. (Minimum requirements of the Team leader has to be fulfilled).  

16. Under “8.1.2 Implementation plan” it is stated that the recommended length of the Plan is maximum 2 pages. Can we attach additional supporting material/annexures to the Two Page Plan, if  needed?

  • Annexes may be used.

17. Your stated payment terms are : “30 days net, which is calculated from a date of the bill”.
Query: Kindly inform the method of raising Bills; whether the total contract amount is to be divided into monthly bills or it will be on some other basis?

  • The payment period is estimated to be three months.

18. In team requirement specifications, if an expert is suitable for two requirements mentioned in the tender then can he/she be posted for roles on two or more expertise?

  •  Yes.

19. In point 7, could you please elaborate on “internationalization of companies”

  •  Team member has to have expertise about the challenges private company faces, when they develop their business to the international markets. 

 20. What does mean policy analysis for national organizations?

  •  To produce analyses about innovation policy issues in national level.