Invitation to tender: Services for Tekes Moscow Office

The purpose of this Invitation to Tender is to request tenders for supplying Services for Tekes Russia in Moscow office. The Services include

  • coordination and activities according to Tekes Russia annual plan,
  • identification and evaluation of foresight research providers in Russia,
  • cooperation and work with Tekes Future Watch Team,
  • consulting for Innovative Russian SMEs related to Tekes partners activities’ in Russia
  • enhance and maintain networks of potential partners for Tekes and
  • other work related to Tekes activities in Russia.  

Invitation to Tender

Price Form

Table of Person Skills

Affirmation (same as Guarantee to fulfil obligations)

Explanation of business or professional secrets

Draft Contract

Completed tenders must be delivered primarily via email, no later than 4th of April 2014 at 4:00 p.m Eastern European Time (EET) to the following email address:, or posted in a sealed envelope to Tekes´s registry office in the address:

P.O. Box 69 (Kyllikinportti 2)
00101 Helsinki

During the tendering procedure, the tenderers may request additional information by e-mailing their questions to The subject of the e-mail must have the reference “ Questions 7/25/2014” Please submit your questions and your return address (e-mail addresses) by no later than 19.3.2014 at 4:00 p.m. In order to ensure the equal treatment of all candidates, no telephone enquiries or information requests will be answered. The responses to the questions will be published here by 21.3.2014.

Questions and answers

  1. The tender refers to Tekes Russia annual plan which is not one of the tender documents and therefore makes it difficult to specify the actions and skills required for the project. Kindly provide the most recent action plan available to plan properly for the tender.

Tekes Russia Country Team Plan for 2014

Tekes Russia Team provides:

  • Tight connection and link to Tekes activities in various responsibility areas
  • The role of Tekes is to provide RDI project funding and opportunities for cooperation and networking.
  • Close cooperation with Team Finland Russia

Key messages

  • Finland is a great place to innovate
  • Finland has talented people
  • Finland is an excellent innovation environment
  • Finland is a global start-up hub
  • Finland is an excellent base-camp and connection to Russia

A tight connection and link to Tekes activities in various responsibility areas and Team Finland.

Continuation and development of country team activities as part of development of international activities.

  • In the end of 2013 the task of country team is to define goals for target country activities 2014
    - Define Tekes Russia office expectations from TEM (T&T, FI-RU Innovation WG)
    - Tekes own role in Russia clear and strategy goal clear for all Country Team members
  • Connections to responsibility areas  in Tekes
    - FASIE funding cooperation
    - Skolkovo funding cooperation
    - Green Growth, Smart City, RYM SHOK programmes
    - Strategy work (Tekes, 5DG and Team Finland)
  • Services for internationalization (Team Finland Growth Track)
    - Funding clinic in St Petersburg, also Moscow 1 x in 2 months
    - RYM Shok co-operation
    - SK Startup Village – operations (see events)
  • Research cooperation
    - The main responsibility is in Academy of Finland. Tekes cooperation if necessary.
  • Essential Team Finland Future Watch themes 2014.
    - 360 degree signals
    - Virtual trade, social media and digital contents (NEW)
  • Communications and country image work (Russia <–> Finland)
  • Influencing operational environment
  • Important events 2014.
    - RVC seminar in February in Moscow
    - Startup Village (including 3-4 round tour objects) in Russia and preparation tour with partners in Finland
    - Tekes participates in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow
    - Main event in Moscow 2.-3.6.14
    - EU-Russia Innovation Forum: Green Growth Economy, Lappeenranta 5.-6.6.14
    - OIF 2014 (light version, Finland not partner country)
    - SLUSH
    - Rubicon forum 2014
    - StP innovation Forum
    - EK events for Foresight news regularly
    - Team meetings, cooperation and interaction

2.  Kindly confirm that the work can be completed by a team of several people instead of one individual only.

  • The work can be done by one person or by a team.

3. Could or should the position involve expanding Tekes's network in Russia or does it focus on maintaining the existing one?

  • Both ways,  maintaining the existing  one and expanding if needed.