Kilpailukutsu: TekesHack 8/25/2015

The contract notice published on the public procurement website Hilma and in the Ted database on 15.7.2016.
Jättöaika: pe 15.07.2016 - ma 22.08.2016

This will be the first time in Finland that a public entity uses a design contest in the buying process of digital innovation. Design contest means that participants in the contest will submit their proposals for a design of a product that solves the challenges set by Tekes.

We want to help researchers, companies and investors have more connections with each other and better visibility to other players in the ecosystem. At Tekes, our 200 experts do this matchmaking every day but it’s still very dependent on individuals’ tacit knowledge of actors in the field. Our belief is that this work could be accelerated by digital tools.

This is why we are opening a design contest to find a partner or partners who can help us build these digital services. This is the first time a digital innovation is bought by a public entity in a design contest and using a co-development hackathon, and learnings from the process will also be shared publicly.

Completed applications must be delivered primarily via email, no later than 22th of August 2016 at 4 pm Eastern European Time (EET) to the following email address: kirjaamo@tekes.fi, or posted in a sealed envelope to Tekes´s registry office in the address:

Tekes/Kirjaamo, Porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki Finland

Emails or envelopes must be clearly marked: “8/25/2015”.

A company, interested in the procurement can request additional information by e-mailing questions in English to kilpailutus@tekes.fi. Please name the e-mail on the topic field “Additional information TekesHack”. Please submit your questions and your return address (e-mail address) by no later than 9.8.2016 at 16.00.