My Health – Future Health Solutions in Emerging Markets service (India and Vietnam)

Jättöaika: ma 25.05.2015 - ma 08.06.2015

The purpose of this Invitation to Tender is to request tenders on Team Finland Future Watch service, Bits of Health programme and BEAM programme focusing on identification, collection and processing knowledge on acceptance of new health related product and service solutions in future in emerging markets. Focus countries are India and Vietnam. Our interests are broadly issues related to Quantified Self (QS) and Personalized Health. The time horizon for the investigation is 2 to 5 years.

Completed tenders must be delivered primarily via email, no later than 8.6.2015 at hour 4 pm Eastern European Time (EET) to the following email address:, or posted in a sealed envelope to Tekes´s registry office.

During the tendering procedure, the tenderers may request additional information only by e-mailing their questions to The subject of the e-mail must have the reference “Future Watch Health India and Vietnam 78/25/2015”. Please submit your questions and your return address (e-mail addresses) by no later than 1.6.2015 at 4 p.m. In order to ensure the equal treatment of all candidates, no telephone enquiries or information requests will be answered.

The responses to the questions will be published here:

Questions and answers

Question 1: Regarding your requirement of having one team member who has had at least two years working experience in the health sector. This is per se a fact but not in a standard employee agreement more so within project expertise. If we now count this time together we surely come over two (2) years of working experience in the health sector.

Answer: Two years experience in health sector projects is adequate and appropriate and will be taken account in evaluation of tenders (1 member of the team must have 2 years experience).

Question 2: Does the price include VAT?

If the tenderer’s domicile is in EU, the reverse VAT will apply. If reverse VAT is applied, VAT will not be charged. When the tenderer’s domicile is not in EU, the price includes VAT (and other taxes).

Question 3: Can a same team member belong to different country teams? How does it influence to scoring?

Answer: A team member could belong to both teams.  As a minimum requirement, at least one member of the team must have one year working experience in target country during last four years (India country team: experience in India/Vietnam country team: experience in Vietnam). Scoring will be done according to team skills which are specified in invitation to tender.

Question 4) In addition to working experience in health sector is formal health sector education needed? Could health sector working experience be commercial experience?

Formal education in health sector is not a minimum requirement, but amount and quality of experience in health sector will be taken account in comparison of team skills. Commercial experience related to health sector is relevant, versatile experience is an advantage for a tenderer.