FinCEAL+ Training: Writing successful applications for Horizon 2020 projects with partners from 3rd countries

Ajankohta: pe 28.10.2016

UniPID (Finnish University Partnership for International Development) and the FinCEAL Plus project (Developing Finnish Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Europe, Africa, Asia and the LAC Region) are organizing a practical training on how to build successful proposals for Horizon 2020 with partners from 3rd countries. The Horizon2020 training is open to researchers in all Finnish universities and research institutions. The number of on-site participants is restricted, but the training is also offered as live webcast for remote viewing. The training is free of charge but registration is required by October 20th.

The training follows the "Science, Technology and Innovation Crossroads – Global Lessons from Cooperation among Academia and Private and Third Sectors" seminar organized on 27th October.

Training programme, 28th October

Trainers: Patrick de Boer, MSc. and Karlijn Bastiaansen, PhD; Ttopstart – Science and business consultants (www.ttopstart.com)

08:30 Coffee and registration

08:45 Opening and introduction of Ttopstart

09:00 Purpose of the training, definition and objectives of Horizon2020, Pillar 3

09:15 How to set-up a competitive Horizon 2020 consortium?

  • Relevant, timely and high-impact topics
  • Characteristics of competitive research consortia
  • How to set-up a competitive consortium for Horizon 2020
  • Best practices, do's and don'ts of a consortium formation
  • EU's vision on international cooperation (bilateral agreements, eligibility of partners from 3rd countries, ongoing projects, etc.)

10:45 Partnering and networking

  • How to attract complementary partners (incl. those from developing countries)
  • Where to find them?
  • How to identify other important stakeholders (e.g. industry, NGO's, etc.) for your Horizon 2020 consortium?
  • Partnering with partners from 3rd countries
  • How to develop collaborations with industry?

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 From consortium set-up to successful managing a Horizon 2020 application

  • Case study Horizon 2020 consortium and collaboration
  • Horizon 2020 pitch (including presentation)

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Q&A session

16:15 Training ends