Biohacker Summit

Better Living Through Science, Technology & Nature
Ajankohta: pe 18.11.2016

Biohacker Summit is all about better living through science, technology and nature. This unique biohacking conference & exhibition will teach you everything you need to know about taking your health and wellbeing to the next level. Discover the latest biohacks for optimal brain function, mitochondrial function and gut function. Improve your cognitive capabilities, mood and physical endurance with latest in nutrition, exercise, wearables and biotechnologies.

Speakers include Dr. Rhonda Patrick who specializes on nutrition in health and disease, Dr. Julia Shaw the author of The Memory Illusion, Dr. Beth Healey who spent a year researching the effects of extreme conditions at Antarctica, America's top personal trainer Ben Greenfield, professor Russell Hanson who wants to make a copy of your brain, Biohacker's Handbook authors, microbiome hacker Xavier Duportet, and many more.


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