Wireless Innovation between Finland and US (WiFiUS) Seminar

Ajankohta: ma 13.04.2015 - ti 14.04.2015

WiFiUS Seminar will be organized in Ruka, Kuusamo during April 13 - 14, 2015. The event is targeted mainly at Finnish WiFiUS PIs and researchers. The purpose of the seminar is to introduce ongoing WiFiUS projects and deepen the WiFiUS collaboration. For this reason the seminar should include at least one presentation on each ongoing WiFiUS project.

Preliminary Program

The seminar is scheduled to begin on Monday afternoon in the RukaVillage hotel after the flight from Helsinki has arrived. On Monday evening a dinner will take place and the seminar will continue on Tuesday morning until approximately noon. This enables participants flying to Kuusamo to participate in the event with a one-night stay but please notice that it is still skiing season in Ruka so you might want to stay a little bit longer.

Registration and Presentations

At this point we would like to ask you to inform Mrs. Mari Lehmikangas, if you plan on giving a presentation in the seminar (contact: zwege@ee.oulu.fi, Mobile +358 (0)50 592 6772). Please send the title of the presentation by Wednesday 11 April and register to the seminar by using  this link.

The seminar will include a dinner on Monday, lunch on Tuesday and coffees. More information on the program and schedule will be provided later on. Welcome to Ruka!