Seminar on new exploration technologies and assessment of undiscovered metal resources in Finland

Ajankohta: ti 03.11.2015

Time: 3rd November 2015, 12:45–16:30
Place: Levi, Hotel Hullu Poro

Organised by Tekes, Green Mining Program and Geological Survey of Finland

Investments in exploration, particularly in green field exploration have decreased dramatically during the last two–three years, not only in Finland, but globally. In addition to economic difficulties, the tightened environmental regulations and public opinion have made exploration more challenging. However, Finland still has good mineral potential and development of new exploration methods has been active.

Within the Green Mining Program, new exploration techniques have been developed very much focused on environmental-friendly exploration methods and practices in sensitive areas and, also, on integrated interpretation of geophysical and geochemical data. The projects have been carried out in close cooperation between major mining and exploration companies and GTK.

GTK has assessed platinum, palladium, nickel, copper, zinc and gold resources in poorly explored and undiscovered deposits of several important deposit types in Finnish bedrock to a depth of one kilometre. The deposit types included in the statistical evaluation are layered intrusion-hosted PGE-Ni-Cu, synorogenic mafic-ultramafic intrusion-hosted Ni-Cu, komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu, volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS), porphyry Cu, Outokumpu-type Cu-Zn-Co and orogenic Au.

Tekes Green Mining Program and Geological Survey of Finland will arrange a joint seminar before the FEM 2015 Conference on new exploration methods and results of assessment of undiscovered metal resources in Finland. We invite all interested organisations to this stakeholder seminar at Levi to hear more about these and discuss about the future of exploration.

In the seminar, we will have presentations from PGE-Ni, Cu-Zn and Au assessments. Exploration technique presentations cover new geochemical methods, and integrated geophysical data interpretation results from selected mining areas.

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