Manufacturing Performance Days 2015

Manufacturing Performance Days in Tampere brings together internationally recognised experts and academia to discuss and represent industrial best practices and operational excellence, novel business concepts as well as scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field.
Ajankohta: ma 08.06.2015 - ke 10.06.2015

Tekes will present its funding and services for digital renewal of manufacturing industry on Tuesday 9th June.

On Wednesday 10th June Tekes hosts a workshop: Industrial Internet – how to create and find partner network, new business potential from data analytics. Industrial Internet is an interesting ICT-related topic to discuss also from the manufacturing point of view. To go for it means creating new capabilities in own company and also creating new networks. In this workshop, Tekes' Industrial Internet programme in cooperation with Itewiki Oy presents new services to find and create partner network and Finpro presents the new Capitalise your knowledge programme.

Manufacturing Performance Days on 8th-10th June is targeted for manufacturing industries, researchers and technology and service providers worldwide. Company visits, meetings and networking nourish potential for R&D collaboration over the boarders and grow opportunities for new business contacts.

MPD 2015 provides themes to tap into the very core of manufacturing:

  • How to motivate and empower employees to build long term, sustainable competitive edge?
  • What kind of metrics is needed to measure true, long term competitivity?
  • What kind of new collaborative thinking is needed to boost continuous learning and patient constructing of supply networks?
  • What is the relevant information at any given moment at any given place to enable true competitivity? How machines and people communicate to avoid exploding ignorance?

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