Invitation: E-mobility in Korea

Ajankohta: su 03.05.2015 - pe 08.05.2015

The ‘miracle on the Han River’ has put South Korea on the forefront of many high-tech sectors. Koreans have an enormous appetite for new technologies and applications, and a strong ICT industry creates high potential for EV technology innovations. This makes Korea an obvious hub for growing your business in Asia.

The Nordic delegation is a collaboration between the Innovation Centre at the Danish Embassy in Seoul, the Swedish Energy Agency, Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Norden and Insero E-Mobility who are arranging a 5-day camp for Nordic e-Mobility companies and start-ups. The camp will allow you to introduce your technology and your business to the Korean business environment, and opens the door into high-level executives and technology specialists in the Korean R&D environment and conglomerates.

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