Tekes' Skene Game Business Event & Investor Pitching Workshop

What is going on in the game industry? Tekes' Skene – Games Refueled programme brings you the latest on how to keep creative in the game industry and also boosts your pitching perks in the Investor Pitch Workshop.
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For a couple of years we have been filled with issues of Free-to-Play, monetizing, user acquisition, add networks and thousands of service providers. However, initially games are results of creative process and that is as important as business.

The free-of-charge Skene Business Event, www.tekes.fi/sgbe2014 focuses mainly to the creative point of view this time. Another relevant topic covered is new Free-to-Play games regulation by EU and its consequences to developers and game development.

Skene also brings exclusive Investor Pitching Workshop for up to ten companies. In the workshop companies have an opportunity to give a five minute investor pitch and get professional feedback in order to improve their pitches.

Workshop tutors are Ian Baverstock and Jonathan Newth from Tenshi Partners. Companies participating to the pitching workshop will also have an opportunity to have a follow-up phone/Skype interviews with the Tenshi Partners after the workshop.

After the pitching workshop there is a panel discussion about fundraising. All the panellists have succeeded in their funding rounds and have first-hand information about dealing with VC´s.

Skene Business Event and Investor Pitching Workshop are held on Tuesday September 9th at GLO Hotelli Helsinki Art (Lönnrotinkatu 29) starting at 9:00 a.m.

Register to Skene Game Business Event (please note the separate registration to Investor Pitching Workshop below)

Skene – Games Refueled

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Applying for the Investor Pitching Workshop on Sep. 9th 2014 Helsinki

Please send your pitch deck by following details by August 31st. Applications will be evaluated by Tenshi Partners and Tekes' Skene team. Accepted companies will be informed by Sep. 9th. There is room for max. 10 companies (max. 3 person/company).

WHY: to practise your skills to get private investments
HOW: Email your pitch deck to Suvi Latva, suvi.latva (at) neogames.fi
WHEN: At latest August 31st 2014 via email
WHAT: Format: max. 10 A4 pages, PDF Format, File size max. 5M

Don't hesitate to ask!

INCLUDE following information:

1. Company Name
2. Opportunity: Describe the gap in the market
3. Product: Describe how your product fills the gap in the market and how it is different.
4. Monetization: Describe how you will make money
5. Customer acquisition plan: How will you acquire users and what does it cost?
6. Operating plan / time line. Just a simple time line with key milestones marked to it will do.
7. Financial plan. Here the #1 thing is to demonstrate that you have thought thoroughly how to make money and understand the key drivers behind the monetization.

  • First list the key assumptions in one slide (estimate e.g. how many downloads you get per day, how many users each new user will invite, how much money each user will spend, and build the big picture from these details)
  • Then show the financial plan that is based on the assumptions above
  • Next show the cash flow forecast for 12 months

8. Funding: How much money are you looking for? How big a share are you willing to give to investor for that? How will the money be used (if not already self-evident)?

Check these out

Spreadsheets for F2P game development by Will Luton

F2P game forecasting spreadsheet by Gamesbrief

Game Devs Suck at Pitching: Advice for Attracting Investment by GamesIndustry

Raising Venture Capital for Mobile Games – Part 3

The pitch deck you send as an application is used only in the evaluation process for selecting the participants of the workshop. You can still evaluate your pitch deck before presenting it in actual workshop. However it must fulfill requirements mentioned above.

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