Team Finland business delegation visit to Vietnam

Elinkeinoministeri Jan Vapaavuori vierailee yritysvaltuuskunnan kanssa Vietnamissa 19. – 22.10.2014.
Ajankohta: su 19.10.2014 - ke 22.10.2014

Finpro kokoaa ministerin mukaan lähtevän Team Finland -yritysvaltuuskunnan ja suunnittelee sen vierailuohjelman.

Ministerivierailun yhteyteen Team Finland järjestää erillisen kahden päivän co-creation workshopin liittyen koulutukseen ja oppimiseen. Workshop järjestetään lokakuun 22.-23, 2014 Ho Chi Minh Cityssä. Lisätietoja kutsun alaosassa.

Vierailuohjelman pääasiallisina painopisteinä ovat seuraavat toimialat; energiatehokkuus, rakentaminen, infrastruktuuri ja ammatillinen koulutus.

Oheisessa liitetiedostoissa on osallistumistarjous (pdf) ja ilmoittautumislomake (docx). Finpro toivoo ilmoittautumista vierailulle tiistaihin 2. syyskuuta 2014 mennessä. Ilmoittautuminen on sitova.

Vierailulle osallistuville lähetetään osallistumisvahvistus sekä alustava ohjelma.


Ms. Päivi Mähönen, Project Manager, Phone +358 40 34 33 468 (overall delegation program)
Ms. Kirsti Tarvainen, Manager, Phone: +358 40 34 33 434 (overall delegation program)
Ms. Eija Tynkkynen, Head of Trade Center, Finpro Ho Chi Minh, Phone: +86 138 1035 8956 (overall delegation program)
Ms. Eeva Nuutinen, Project Director, Future Learning Finland, Phone: +358 40 34 33 317 (education and learning content for Future Learning Finland members)



Why Vietnam

Vietnam has set its goals of becoming an industrialized and modernized country by 2020, and given priorities to the following:

  • Reforming the education sector
  • Improving the vocational training system
  • Pushing up infrastructure development
  • Boosting the subcontracting industries.

The interests and activities of Finnish and other foreign companies are increasing in Vietnam. EuroCham Business Confidence Index Survey shows positive growth expectations among those present EU companies. For decades, Finland has created strong tights and relations with Vietnam with its development aid programs, and Finnish companies should utilize this excellent reputation in their business.

Special focus on this visit will be on the following industry sectors:

The 2013-2014 WEF Global Competitiveness Report ranked Vietnam 110/148 in Quality of Overall Infrastructure. The fast-growing urbanization further creates demands for transportation, housing and utilities, water and waste treatment, buildings and green building technologies. It is expected that the Vietnamese government will continue to develop this sector over the medium term; particularly, as the country still suffers from a significant deficit in transportation infrastructure. Companies that offer services in consulting, architecture, master planning, project management, and tailored solutions for smart-city development orientation, smart agricultural products, cloud computing, training and sourcing will have good opportunities in these large projects

Vietnam has well developed processes in heavy steel structures like sheet metal and semi production and assembly. It is also well-positioned to be the new Asia's electronics hub with the presence of global players as Intel, Compal Electronics, Foxconn, Samsung, Microsoft Mobile etc. Recently, special priority has been given to the development of the auto industry, to make it become a spare parts supplier to the global car production chain, and give a boost to the growth of other industries. Opportunities are for manufacturing companies that are looking for competitive production cost solutions as subcontracting, outsourcing and sourcing in mechanical and engineering.

Education and Vocational Training
Vietnam has been facing serious problems with a heavy and ineffective general educational system, and a backward unproductive vocational training sector. Consequently, few graduates have the essentially needed soft skills, and there is a considerable lack of properly trained workers. There have been already many approaches and pilot programs with supports from foreign education institutions to enhance the sectors. E.g. Ho Chi Minh City is an education pilot area for the second year for whole country to test and develop new type of education methods, courses and curriculums. Companies offering consulting services, curriculum building, Edu-tech (online learning, teaching methods, tools and equipment), and vocational training have opportunities in Vietnam.

Energy Efficiency
Electricity demands has seen double digit growth in the 2000s and the power consumption is expected to increase sharply over the coming years, due to economic and demographic growth. In the next 20 years, Vietnam will need to invest approximately USD 130B in the power sector, of which over 60 percent will be spent on developing power generation. Industrial and manufacturing development will boost to focus to utilizing energy more efficiently.

Information Technology
ICT sector is among the fastest growing industries in the country with an annual growth rate of 25-30%. The National IT Plan will drive spending on IT utilization in areas such as e-government, e-taxation, education, and digital infrastructure projects in segments such as banking, telecoms, energy and agriculture.

Source: Finpro Hanoi

Additional program:
Education and learning related business, innovation and co-creation opportunities in Vietnam 22.-23.10

Please join us for this workshop and meeting series where we follow basic methodology of Team Finland Business with Impact visits: identify market needs, understand the ecosystems, create ideas for solutions and create collaborative ideas for next steps. During the trip, we will have good interaction with representatives from users/learners, businesses, educational institutions, NGOs, funding organizations and other relevant stakeholders.

  • 19.-21.10. participation in the ministerial delegation in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Followed by site visits to meet end users of education and learning products and services
  • Workshops with representatives from key organizations
  • Meetings with key experts and potential partners.


  • Participating companies and education/learning providers identify local and national needs and business opportunities in Vietnam together with key individuals from the most relevant Vietnamese organizations in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Team Finland identifies potential platform partners and opportunities for larger joint business and innovation programs and projects.

The exact content of the workshops and meetings will be tailored based on the needs and interests of the participating Finnish organizations.

The cost of this module is 300 € in addition to the fee of the participation to ministerial delegation. The cost covers the additional program content and transportation.

In addition to the program of the large ministerial business delegation, the education/learning participants have an additional related event:

End of September: Vietnam and education — pre-workshop before the ministerial visit

  • Learn about the developments in education and learning in Vietnam: Vietnam’s 5 year plan, education and learning market, and piloting programs in Ho Chi Minh City region
  • Tell your individual and collective expectations to the organizers for tailoring the trip content

For further information, please contact: Mr. Riku Mäkelä, Senior Innovation Advisor, Finland-Vietnam, Innovation Partnership Program