Games for Health Finland

Ajankohta: ma 08.09.2014 - ti 09.09.2014

Finland is one of the eHealth forerunners in the world and hosts one of the most rapidly expanding video game industry in the world. What could be the result when the best of both worlds, eHealth and games, are combined?

The 2nd Games for Health Finland event is promoting health by emphasising more on prevention of diseases, affecting the lifestyle changes and self-care.  The event gathers people with all kinds of backgrounds together to share experiences and to build future together.  

Be part of the most vibrant and innovative event in the field of health promotion!

Event includes top-notch speakers ranging from health-tech industry, videogame industry, pharmaceutical industry, education sector, health care organisations, funding organisations and much more. Interactive Games for Health debates during the event gives great insight to emerging Games for Health field from various viewpoints directly from experts. Health Games Pitch evening session gives entrepreneurs unique possibility to apply investments from Finnish Business Angels Network FIBAN. In the exhibition you can showcase your company and learn more about other latest products and prototypes in the field of Games for Health.

Come and see the latest developments and trends in the field of Games for Health.

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Pitch Kuopio goes to Games for Health Finland

FiBAN organises a pitch session at the conference on 8.9.2014 at 16:00. Pitch session is open for all conference guests, yet only the FiBAN investor members have the access for the executive summaries and VIP seating. Exceptionally because of the conference cooperation, there are only health games startups pitching and the program is in English.

16:00 FiBAN Introduction, Kuopio Team Leader Jari Osmala (FiBAN)
16:10 Keynote (TBA)
16:30 Power Pitch Session
17:00 Wine & Networking, Startup Bazaar (for FiBAN guests only)

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Come to Games for Health Game Jam 5.-7.9.2014

Previous programming skills are not required so wipe the dust from your virtual glasses, camping mattress and bring them to game jam.

We are inviting people with all kinds of backgrounds to participate creative buzz in games. Whether you are a game designer, programmer, sound designer, graphic artist, student, professional or complete beginner or simply just interested in making games. Enthusiasm for games or intention of having fun with others is enough for you to participate and you can learn from others. Game developers from amateurs to professionals are working in teams to create the game from start to finish.

At the Jam health technology companies are looking for new opportunities to their products. Would you like to bring your own idea or technology? Just throw us a message!

The 2014 Games for Health Jam outputs are rewarded in The 2nd to Games for Health event in September 2014.

Feel the atmosphere of the latest game jams:

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