Nordic Built 2.0 National Workshops

Help shape the future of Nordic Built

Nordic Built is run by Nordic Innovation, and was initiated by the Nordic Ministers for Trade and Industry to accelerate the development of sustainable building concepts. To build on the achievements of the Nordic Built Charter, The Nordic Built Challenge and the funding program, the Nordic council of ministers have initiated a follow up program: Nordic Built 2.0.

In the second round of Nordic Built, the five Nordic Ministries of trade and industry have specified a broader focus on smart cities and sustainable communities, but with the same ultimate goal: To position the Nordic region as the innovative epicentre for sustainable building, city planning and development in the 21st century.

The Nordic countries are ideally positioned to be the spearhead of a new green wave in construction and city planning. With ambitious home markets, strong research institutions, and leading construction and materials companies, the potential to create a strong position in global markets for sustainable, "smart" buildings and city solutions is great.

To help develop the next phase of the Nordic Built, Nordic Built 2.0 running from 2014 to 17, we invite you to participate in half-day national workshops in all the Nordic countries: