Delegation visit to China 1.-8.11.2014

Invitation to companies,

Tekes Green Growth and Groove Programmes jointly organize a delegation visit to China from the 1st to 8th November 2014. Please mark the dates to your calendar and remember to register as soon as possible!

There are three important facts about this visit you should know, and you are highly recommended to act fast in order to engage the most suitable partners or investors in China and gain opportunities to one-to-one meeting and pitch.

  1. You will visit the most active and economically strongest area in China with great need of good technologies and products, and with the most active private investment in China.
  2. For the first time, the visit will focus in direct VC or PE investment from Chinese capital. You will have a great opportunity to talk about your company or technology in front of the most active Chinese investors in cleantech in the event in Shanghai.
  3. There are two online databases you can use already NOW to search for your potential clients or partners in Jiangsu province. You can also inform us the Chinese company’s name that you want to be matched with or meet with, and the local partners in Zhejiang and Jiangsu will arrange one-to-one meetings for you. The quicker you act and inform us, the better chances you gain for meetings.

Please have a look the invitation letter attached in this email for further information. You are welcome to contact us as soon as possible. Please remember: the earlier you decide to join the visit, the better it can be designed to meet your company’s wishes!

Please read the detailed information here