Functional Materials Four Seasons – WINTER

11.12.2013, The Circus, Helsinki

Functional Materials Four Seasons - WINTER

Theme: Coatings & manufacturing

This event to be arranged together with the Academy of Finland (Programmable materials Programme) will be the Final Seminar of the Tekes Functional Materials programme reviewing the key results achieved and discussing the focus and role of materials research in Finland in the future. The event will also complete our Functional Materials Four Seasons 2013 seminar series – WINTER will bring soon snow & ice guiding us to focus on coatings. The programme will offer exciting invited speeches on the possibilities of design, 3D manufacturing and modern materials science to provide critical solutions to build the future. A special session and exhibition focusing on the theme “Coatings & manufacturing” will showcase highlights regarding printed intelligence, 3D optics and advanced energy and material efficient manufacturing technologies. Visions of the role of materials research in several technology/application fields will be presented and discussed to provide basic guidelines for the future. We will bring again together a bunch of fresh results from science and industry and a multi-disciplinary group of experts which will make it THE EVENT in the field.

Come to listen, share your thoughts and learn from others - and build the next big things together.

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