Celtic-Plus Call 2016

Celtic-Plus facilitates projects that are both evolutionary as well as disruptive innovation in all relevant ICT areas.
Hakuaika: su 03.04.2016 - ke 25.05.2016

Register on the Celtic-Plus Online proposal tool, fill in the Webforms, and upload your Celtic-Plus Project Proposal in pdf.

Celtic-Plus Projects are e.g.:

  • Open to any type of company, large industry, small companies, universities and research organisations, even to companies outside the EUREKA countries.
  • Are close to market and business needs.
  • Receive public funding, depending on the national funding rules, of up to 50%
  • Have a high success rate for labelling (typically 70% of submitted proposals receive a label).
  • Have a low management overhead, and can be rather easily adjusted to new project situations.
  • Are typically between 1 M€ and up to more than 70 M€ in total project budget, and include from 2 to over 50 partners. Typical project duration is between 24 and 36 months.

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E! 5828 Celtic-Plus – Smart Connected World
Celtic-Plus is an industry-driven European research initiative to define, perform and finance through public and private funding common research projects in the area of telecommunications, new media, future Internet, and applications & services focusing on a new "Smart Connected World" paradigm. Celtic-Plus is a EUREKA ICT cluster and is part of the inter-governmental EUREKA network.

EUREKA is a pan-European network for market-oriented and industry-related R&D. Tekes is the coordinator of EUREKA activities in Finland. EUREKA project funding is applied through Tekes. The national contact points of Celtic-Plus cluster in Finland are mr. Hannu Nurmi (tel. +358 29 50 55771) and ms. Tiina Nurmi (tel. +358 29 50 55868), e-mails in form firstname.lastname(at)tekes.fi.