Call 2015: Platform Economy – Innovation ecosystems for digital revolution

Hakuaika: ke 10.06.2015 - ke 09.09.2015

The theme of 2015 call is dealing with platform economy and the way it functions in context of digitalization and emerging digital business ecosystems. The call headline is challenging research community to seek sources for new competences in platform economy and guidelines for innovation policy to foster these emerging business ecosystems. Both of these aspects are to be addressed by multidisciplinary research agendas.

Please notice that for this year the qualification criteria have been hardened. We are seeking for a relevantly small set of truly high quality projects with a high impact potential. For example, funded projects must have clear business relevance, potential for extensive utilization of Policy Briefs and strategy for facilitation the public discussion around the topic. These aspects are valued highly, along with international collaboration with distinguished research groups. With these qualifications in mind, the competition for funding is going to be hard.

More detailed information on topics, evaluation criteria and instructions for applying process for this call is provided in the following presentation material. Submitting of applications is not advised without getting feedback from Tekes sparring discussions. This is to save unnecessary work and for improved quality due to proper sparring dialogue. The week 34 in August has been reserved for this purpose - please see further information in the presentation. Our team is willing to help during the way.

Additional information:

Mr Tuomo Suortti
Senior Adviser, Product manager / Innovation Research
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tuomo.suortti (at) tekes.fi

Mr Jari Hyvärinen
Senior Adviser
Tel. +358 50 5577 803
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Mr Pekka Pesonen
Chief Adviser
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