Why Finland?

Finland offers a first-class innovation and business environment. Starting a business is easy and fast, and highly educated people and public research and development funding is readily available.

Competitive business environment

The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report (2014-2015) has ranked Finland as the fourth most competitive nation in the world.

According to the Nordic Growth Entrepreneurship Review 2012, Finland has the best framework conditions for entrepreneurship in Nordic countries.

Finland is an easy operating environment for businesses, with minimal bureacracy and stable and competitive economy.

Easy access to R&D funding

Both public and private sector invest in research and development. Tekes is the main public innovation funder in Finland.

Finland invested 3.2% of GDP in R&D in 2014. This is a very high figure among OECD countries.

Innovation leader

In the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2015 Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany are the four innovation leaders in the European Union.