Tekes leading towards a digital revolution

Tekes has launched three programmes to boost the utilisation of digitalisation. Industrial Internet, Bits of health and 5thGear will be set in full motion at the beginning of 2015.

"We have existing high-level ICT and digital business competence in Finland. With Tekes' assistance, companies can move even further with this. We also want to entice international businesses to Finland and have them join forces with our top companies and researchers in product development efforts. Finland is about to become a hub for a digital revolution," says Pekka Soini, Director General of Tekes.

These new programmes are follow-up to Tekes' previous long-term measures promoting the utilisation of digitalisation in the game industry and in the spheres of smart cities and learning solutions, for example. The overall scope of these programmes is estimated at EUR 300 million, of which Tekes' share constitutes approximately EUR 150 million. The duration of the Bits of health programme is four years and that of Industrial Internet and 5thGear five years.

A significant investment in the digital future of Finland

In the Industrial Internet – Business Revolution programme, funding will be provided to projects in which digitalisation is utilised for developing new services and business models to aim at international growth. The programme aims to renew the business operations of companies through the Industrial Internet and encourage companies from different fields to engage in new kinds of cooperation.

Target areas that have been found essential include the refinement of big data masses to support business, business based on machine-to-machine communication and real-time service and production processes. Mainly targeted at companies, the programme also covers the development of new technological solutions required in digital business as well as related research.

The 5thGear programme aims to solve challenges related to the next generation wireless data communications, the creation of new business, and rocketing Finland as the leading target for international investments.

Intended for companies and research institutes, 5thGear will involve developing energy-efficient solutions that adapt to various needs. These will offer faster, safer and more reliable connections to consumers as well as enabling technologies to companies. Examples include millimetric wave technologies, software-based networks and the management of heterogeneous network solutions.

The Bits of health programme pursues to make Finland a renowned expertise and business hub for digital health, perceived as an interesting partner and a central site for innovation activities. The programme is mainly intended for companies that utilise digitalisation and strive for international growth and that develop products and services promoting health, the early diagnosis of illnesses, health monitoring and personalized treatment.

Bits of health provides services related to the development of a business network-based ecosystem, increasing business and client understanding and comprehending consumer behaviour, as well as funding for research, development and innovation projects.

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