Provider of new generation cancer treatment seeks growth in the US markets

Noona, a mobile service developed by Noona Healthcare, is attracting worldwide interest as a potential solution to the global challenges of cancer treatment. Tekes and Team Finland have offered valuable support to the company on its journey into the US markets.

With the number of cancer patients growing rapidly, determined global efforts are being made to identify effective care solutions. Noona is an intelligent mobile application for cancer care providers and patients. It uses information produced by the patient to identify serious symptoms at an early stage. When the patient's symptoms are less severe and do not require an immediate response from care personnel, Noona provides the patient with self-care and monitoring instructions.

Key support for patients

"When cancer treatment ends, patients often feel they have been left to their own devices. With Noona, we can offer an easy and reliable channel for a growing number of patients to stay in touch with their care personnel. The service will also reduce the workload at cancer clinics. Most importantly, Noona's systematic and intelligent monitoring service provides patients with a sense of security and peace of mind," says Noona co-founder Jani Ahonala.

Both care personnel and patients have given a very warm welcome to the service. The company's vision is to have one million Noona users by 2020, with the data collected covering all the most common cancers, patient well-being during treatment, and the effects of treatment on each patient.

Aiming for a breakthrough in the United States

Noona Healthcare has participated over the last two years to digital healthcare export promotion trips to the United States organised by Team Finland. The insights and contacts made during the trips played a crucial role in Noona's product development, marketing, and internationalisation strategy design. A trip to the United States is on the agenda again this autumn.

"We have been positively surprised by the amount of attention Noona has received from American oncologists and investors. We were invited to present Noona on the main stage of the Health 2.0 Conference, which bears testimony to the international interest in our product. In addition, Noona is one of the finalists in the pitch competition, which will be open to the public and held during the opening of the conference. These events offer us unique opportunities."

This autumn, Noona will also be presented to the prime ministers of nine countries at the Northern Future Forum. At this event, the prime ministers, experts and business life representatives will discuss ways of promoting sustainable economic growth in the long term. Noona Healthcare has been invited to the event to provide a practical example of the ways in which key future challenges can be solved.

The company has used Tekes funding to develop the Noona solution, to create a marketing strategy, to collect information on other markets and to carry out research that will benefit other service developers.

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Kaj Nordgren