3D environment for city developers

MAPGETS is an application platform that utilises technology for modelling virtual reality. It is aimed at application developers, city data and other service providers as well as content creators. It is also ideal for professionals who use urban data in marketing their products.

Finland is a pioneer in 3D technologies and data modelling, applied in sectors such as construction. The MAPGETS portal provides a browser-accessed 3D application platform based on RealXtend. It can be used for publishing, maintaining and utilising open data that describes built-up environments.

The portal was established to promote digitalisation and application development, thereby increasing productivity. It constitutes a new application ecosystem, not merely for 3D modelling and map information but also for service visualisation. Moreover, it opens promising new prospects in marketing.

The application platform is based on globally recognised open source technologies and APIs, developed over the years. MAPGETS was established in June 2015 by FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy together with Adminotech Oy. Tommi Hollström, the chief executive of Adminotech and FGC’s chief product owner for MAPGETS Anssi Savisalo believe that the MAPGETS ecosystem will appeal to a large number of app developers and innovators.

What makes the MAPGETS platform superior?

“MAPGETS provides a 3D virtual environment where developers can create applications. It is also a portal where data providers can present and sell their data to developers. No other such ecosystem has been implemented. It is an excellent way to increase the amount of data created and used, and we are actively seeking developers of new products.”

“Our platform sets the standard for how applications are built on open data and how local data sources can be utilised. MAPGETS can be used by companies but it can also aid the work of the public sector in producing digital services for urban residents.”

“Traditionally cities have used complex centralised systems, which were maintained and developed by the system suppliers. MAPGETS can access new data sources and promote the development of flexible new tools for greater in-house efficiency.”

What forms of international cooperation do you seek?

“We call on all inspired application developers to enter the global MAPGETS ecosystem with their best business ideas and applications. There is no similar solution based on open technologies that can produce such rich and complex 3D applications. It can also build interactive spaces and applications that use avatars and role-playing.”

“We intend to be an active player in promoting European cooperation and developing 3D services implemented on an open ecosystem.”

More information

Tommi Hollström, chief executive, Adminotech, tel. +358 40 747 8886, tommi(at)adminotech.com
Anssi Savisalo, chief product owner, FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy, tel. +358 41 538 9353, anssi.savisalo(at)fcg.fi


MAPGETS will be present at the Smart City Expo World Congress being on 17-19 November 2015 in Barcelona. Drop in at the Finnish pavilion and see what we can contribute to the smart cities of the world.


MAPGETS is participating in the Tekes' Witty City Programme.

Eero Lukin