Renewables Matchmaking Mission to Brazil

An opportunity for funding of Finnish companies to attend the ELAN Technical Mission together with Low Carbon Action Brazil event in Brazil, November 2016.

Renewables Matchmaking Mission will be held in partnership with ELAN Brazil on November 17-21 in Sao Paulo, on the premises of BIN2016@SP event. 

Companies can apply to have up to 80% of their travel costs covered by LCBA.

The application period for SMEs operating on the fields of solar, photovoltaic and biomass is open on the website. In case 3 companies are successfully engaged on the MM, their trip might be sponsored to Brazil for the cluster representative that has indicated those.

Looking to streamline the cooperation and integrate policies from the B2B (objective of LCBA) and C2C (Brussels) levels, please look at the link.

Deadline for app from EU clusters is on the 22nd of August but may be extended. On the basis of the selected clusters, the potential counterparts will be indicated to join the reverse mission to France on Nov 30 - Dec1 and 2, and will conduct both a wrap up mission from the best LCBA SMEs that have participated in the MMs in Brazil in 2016 as well as representatives from BR national institutions and clusters.


Vilja Vara