Finnish-Vietnamese call for companies has been extended

The BEAM programme under Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and NATIF, an agency under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Vietnam, are opening a joint call for proposals.
Application period: Sat 15.10.2016 - Mon 16.01.2017
Upon the request of companies, the call has been extended to continue until January 16, 2017.
The call offers Finnish companies an outstanding opportunity to start co-operation with Vietnamese companies. The call for proposals ends on 16 January 2017.

The joint project should have two lead companies, at least one from Vietnam and one from Finland and the project duration should be maximum of 2 years. There is no limit to the number of consortium members and they may well also come from third countries to expand the project's international reach, global potential and impact. Funding for partners coming from outside Vietnam and Finland may not be granted by the current financiers. The goal is to launch market-oriented projects that develop innovative products and services.

Finnish companies send applications to Tekes.

The call begins on 15 October 2016 and applications must be submitted by 4:15 pm on 16 January 2017 via the Tekes online application service. In the Tekes online application service, the word "Beam joint call " should be added to the applications in the section Project details > Basic information for application > Programmes and other connections > Reference data requested in call for applications.

In addition to the required attachments to the funding application, the applicant must supply the following:

Further information

In Finland

Kati Lahtinen
BEAM Programme
Tel: +358 50 5577 725
Email: kati.lahtinen (atI tekes.fi

Minh Lam
Programme Manager
BEAM Programme
Tel:+358 50 5577 743
Email: minh.lam (at) tekes.fi

In Vietnam

Phan Hong Son
Management Board,
Mobile: +84 96 2288 525
Email: phson (atI most.gov.vn

Finland-Vietnam Innovation Partnership Programme IPP2

A) Application related matters

Innovation Adviser
Silja Leinonen
Email: silja.leinonen (at) ipp.vn

Business Development Expert
Trang Ngyen
Email: trang.ngyen (at) ipp.vn

B) Project Plan, Partner and Finance matters

Entrepreneur in Residence
Marko Seppä
Mobile: +84 123 327 1447
Email: marko (at) ipp.vn

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