Call for applications for companies and research organisations – Media remake

Application period: Fri 18.03.2016 - Tue 23.08.2016

At whom is the call for applications aimed?

This call for funding applications from Tekes encourages players in the media sector to research new business development opportunities that result in international competitiveness, in order to develop their operations in the digital environment.

The maximum Tekes funding available for research organisations is EUR 3 million, There is no pre-set maximum limit for funding for companies.

Decisions on projects for which funding is granted will be made in the period September to October 2016.

  1. We encourage applications for joint research projects involving the private sector. Depending on the nature of the project, private sector projects will be funded based on grants or loans, alongside the research organisations in question. The call for applications will also support the implementation of the goals of the Government's knowledge and ecucation key project, in order to strengthen collaboration between universities and business life and promote the commercialisation of research.
    Further information on joint projects

  2. We are also inviting applications from research projects based on the research and competence needs of businesses. A total of 10% of the beneficiary funding for research projects must come from companies. Participation notices by the beneficiaries of the project and and applications must be submitted to Tekes by 23/08/2016 at the latest.
    Further information on research projects

We will hold an activation event on 13 April 2016 and warmly welcome businesses, research organisations and new challengers in the media sector to participate. The purpose of the event is to provide practical information on the research funding application programme as well as evoking dialogue on companies' current research needs. Our goal is to bring together companies and research organisations around these topics.

Register for the event by clicking the link below:
Media remake activation event (in Finnish)

1. What kind of research will we fund?

The aim of the call for applications is to accelerate the renewal of the media sector in its ongoing revolution and to encourage the discovery of new, typically digital business models. Through this call for applications, we can fund new challenging ideas linked to the following themes in particular:

  • New solutions and possibilities of content marketing
  • New earnings models and value chains
  • Solutions for expertise and earnings based on data analysis
  • Robot journalism and automated content production solutions

We expect the applications to contain bold openings and a strong, multi-disciplinary research approach that challenges the conventions of the sector.

Project evaluation and the hallmarks of a good application:

  1. We fund projects that are challenging and inventive in terms of research – ones that create entirely new innovations in the market – within the field of the call for applications. The envisaged project results must have international novelty value.
  2. The projects must have been designed in collaboration with the private sector and the research plan must be structured around the joint research needs of groups of companies. Avoid resolving cases that are close to the product development activities of individual enterprises. The research challenge and business research needs in question must be clearly presented in a compact research plan.
  3. In addition to self-financing, research projects must include corporate financing accounting for at least 10% of the approved project costs, from more than two companies. Other beneficiaries (such as public sector actors) can also contribute funding to the project.

Participation notices  submitted by businesses will play an important part in the project evaluation process. Companies participating in projects must answer the following questions:

  • What are the most important expertise needs identified by the business that will ensure its ability to reinvent itself and make it competitive in this field internationally?
  • How will the outcomes of the research project increase the business's expertise?
  • How will the business make use of the outcomes of the research project in practice?
  • Businesses must submit their project participation notifications to Tekes as appendices to the related application by 23 August 2016.
  1. A clear and versatile exploitation plan for the results must be presented in the project plan. We support the planning of projects that promote the growth and modernisation of medium-sized businesses' international activities.
  2. The project must feature versatile expertise within its research team and credible resourcing.
  3. We do not provide funding for research that overlaps with the activities of the Strategic Research Council or the Academy of Finland.
  4. To guarantee an impartial and effective evaluation process, applications and supplementary accounts of company participation lodged after the deadline will not be included in the joint evaluation process – funding will not, therefore, be granted for late applications.

2. Funding for joint projects involving companies and research organisations

Companies and research organisations can engage in a research project and apply for funding for other projects in addition to the research themes mentioned in section 1. When the partner is a university or a research institute, Tekes requires that the research needs serving as the starting point for the project plan have been identified by the companies involved. The research organisation's project must support the business's innovation focus and the results must be made public and widely accessible. If there is intense competition for the research funding, priority will be given to joint projects since their business commitment is stronger from the perspective of exploiting the results.
Further information on joint projects

Project discussions and applying for funding

We will be delighted to discuss projects in the planning stage during the application period. In particular, applicants planning industry-driven, joint projects should contact a Tekes expert at the earliest possible stage.

Tekes will hold a combined information and workshop event related to this call for applications on 13 April 2016. After the event, we will also provide discussion opportunities for representatives of project groups or consortia. We recommend that these meetings with Tekes experts are held before the end of May. The contact information of our experts is listed at the end of this call for applications.

Note that all applicants must submit a concise pre-proposal (2 pages) by 27 May 2016. Tekes will inform the applicants who have submitted a pre-proposal by 3 June 2016 of whether we recommend that they continue with the application process. Kindly email your project plans to petri.rajahalme(a)tekes.fi / aki.parviainen(a)tekes.fi.

Actual applications and businesses' participation notices should be sent to Tekes by Tuesday 23 August 2016 by 11.59 pm through our Online Service. From the menu item "Is the application related to a Tekes programme or theme?" located in the basic information section of the application form, select Media 2016.

Your application must be sufficiently detailed to enable us to assess it. If necessary, Tekes will ask you to provide further information during the assessment process. To guarantee an impartial and effective evaluation process, applications lodged after the deadline will not be included in the joint evaluation process and will not be granted funding.

Tekes favours open access scientific publishing

Tekes is committed to the objectives and approaches of open access science and research. We aim to make publications and the non-confidential information resulting from public research readily available for further use. Open access publishing promotes the wider use of research results for research and commercial purposes.

We recommend open access publishing in public research projects by Tekes. The project research plan must include a publication plan which takes account of open access publishing. We recommend that you consult your own organisation's guidelines on open access publishing.

From whom can I obtain further information?

Senior Adviser Petri Rajahalme
Tel. +358 (0)29 50 55625
petri.rajahalme (at) tekes.fi

Adviser Aki Parviainen
Tel. +358 (0)29 50 20005
aki.parviainen (at) tekes.fi

Adviser Kaisa Holma
Tel. +358 (0)29 50 29045
kaisa.holma (at) tekes.fi

Adviser Antti Salminen
Tel. +358 (0)29 50 21239
antti.salminen (at) tekes.fi