Working at Tekes

Our recruitment

We have succeeded in our recruitment when Tekes has received a competent and motivated employee and the work at Tekes meets the applicant's expectations. We direct our efforts to keep our recruitment process flexible and recruitment correctly targeted. In addition to interviews, we use aptitude assessment to support our decisions. During all of its stages, we keep the applicants up to date with the advancement of the process. An integral part of our recruitment policy is proper familiarisation, with which we ensure for the new person a smooth start among us.

You will find our open vacancies below and at the -website. Often we also use other electronic or print media.

Free-form applications

We use free-form applications mainly in shorter fixed-term tasks. Before sending a free-form application, it is advisable to contact our personnel responsible for recruitment and inquire what kinds of job opportunities that would be compatible with your skills we might be able to offer.

You can submit a free-form application to (free-form application).

We get along well

Tekes offers a vantage point for research, development and innovation activities. Daily work provides good opportunities for the development and dissemination of expertise. We make efforts to develop our staff's competencies, e.g., by means of education and task cycling. We maintain constant cooperation over unit and team boundaries, which provides an opportunity to learn new things and exchange views.

We ensure that our staff will have good opportunities for accommodating work with other life's activities. The system of sliding working hours and possibility to work from distance adds flexibility to work. We support the wellbeing of our staff with the help of culture and physical education clubs, sports vouchers and other recreational activities.

Half of the staff has been employed by Tekes for more than 10 years

79 % of Tekes's personnel have an academic degree

Our organisational culture

Our organisational culture emphasises openness, dialogue and joint activities. We listen to different views and encourage our customers and colleagues to find new solutions. We help each other and our customers to succeed.

Common values and ethical principles steer our activities. We are responsible investors of tax revenues and reliable in our operations.

Tekes is an expert organisation that trusts the expertise of its staff and values it.

Meaningful work motivates

Our activities promote companies' international competitiveness, we help in increasing production and exports and we are building foundation for employment and wellbeing in society.   A meaningful goal motivates and inspires us.

In their work, our experts constantly meet innovative customers. Work with the customers is interesting and diverse. The majority of Tekes's staff work in the customer interface. In addition, we have diverse tasks, for example in communication, economy and administration.

Our organisation is shallow but provides opportunities for experts to progress and develop in their career paths, either in one's own task or in a completely new kind of expert role or competence field.