Tekes is an active game builder bringing about renewal in the business sphere.

From expert to influencer

Tekes aims to

  • create opportunities for global growth
  • promote customers' renewal
  • support upcoming business ecosystems
  • build, together with our partners, a top-level innovation environment
  • offer a path to market in Team Finland cooperation

The main target group is businesses who are seeking renewable growth from international markets and have the desire and ability to succeed.

The open and substance based funding are in equal roles.

Mission statement

Tekes promotes the development of industry and services by means of technology, innovations and growth funding. This helps to renew industries, increase the value added and productivity, improve the quality of working life, as well as boost exports and generate employment and wellbeing.


  • We encourage renewal
  • We influence through our insight
  • We act responsibly

Strategic goals

Globally competitive business and industry

  • New and boldly renewing business eco-systems
  • Pioneering businesses and enterprises
  • Market access and global growth

Top-level innovation environment

  • The world's most successful comprehensive package of expert advice and funding services for customers' innovation activities and international growth
  • International top-level knowledge, networks, and approaches and practises for companies' use in their innovation operations
  • Unique public actor cooperation as a catalyst for innovative renewal


  • Disruptive and pioneering business projects that originate from customers' own initiatives
  • The main focus areas of substance based funding are the common services offered together with strategic partners
    • joint programmes
    • comprehensive service packages that support innovation, growth and internationalisation as a whole
  • Impact-boosting funding services for developing businesses' competences and capabilities and support their growth into international markets
  • Investments in venture capital funds through Tekes Venture Capital Ltd

Focus areas

Tekes as an active and visible game builder in selected fields:

  • Natural resources and resource efficiency
  • Digitalism renewing business and industry
  • Wellbeing and health
  • New business ecosystems
  • Market access

Digitalisation as well as intangibility and value creation influence widely on all fields.


Our clients are bold business and industry innovators in companies and research organisations.

  • The main focus – growth companies with the passion and ability to succeed, who are seeking renewed growth in global market
  • Research – boosting renewal and utilised in business

Operating methods

  • We operate as a active game builder and contribute towards renewal of business and industry through our opinions and outlook
  • We support our customers for renewal, competitive development, and accessing new markets
  • We form together with our partners joint focus areas, a clear definition of roles, and comprehensive service packages
  • We participate actively in the development of new business eco-systems
  • We launch joint programmes and campaigns and agile forms of programmes
  • We emphasise experimentation and pilot programmes
  • We utilise global networks and business opportunities
  • We encourage all to the continuous renewal

International operations

  • A stronger focus on international growth of SMEs
  • Strengthening Team Finland cooperation
  • Having a wider impact on EU innovation policy

Main target group for Tekes' own network: innovation forerunner countries and areas that have

  • a leading or rising position as a driver for innovation
  • acting as a developer of technology, competence, and business models
  • an important status as a Finnish partner and market

Tekes works in cooperation with Team Finland -network in central growth markets and other key markets for Finland.