Pyroll building its partner network sparred by Tekes

Have you held in your hands today a paper sandwich bag, plastic salad bag, a butter wrapper or a cardboard package of porridge? If so, you’ve probably come across Pyroll. Pyroll, one of the leading manufacturers of paper, cardboard and plastic products, makes the above items and many more that make our daily lives easier.

"We make about two billion packages a year for our customers. Finnish consumers are in touch with our products daily. However, the most important thing for us is that the packaging displays our customer's brand," says Marko Manu, Head of Product Development at Pyroll.

Founded in 1973, Pyroll currently employs some 500 people in three countries. Despite having been in the business for a long time, the midcap Pyroll is only now getting seriously going, and the will to expand is great.

"We are systematically seeking growth. The possibilities for growth are limited in Finland, so exports will play a big role," says Manu.

Liideri programme giving extra boost

In order to boost growth and internationalisation, Pyroll took part in the Tekes Liideri programme. The purpose of the Pyroll project is to create an ecosystem of B2B companies and a network that offers new value to customers and higher competitiveness especially in the international market.

"The challenge faced by SMEs is that they have their hands so full of daily work that there is not enough time to focus on the big picture. Customers' needs and operational environment nevertheless change continuously, and we should be able to meet these," says Manu.

The Liideri project has provided Pyroll will new channels to find partners and to build a cooperation network.

"You cannot do everything yourself, and it's not even worth trying to. Networking with other companies and higher education institutions, for example, gives a boost to the development of new service solutions, operational models and products. Tekes has helped us to get plenty of publicity and new contacts and as a result new potential partners have got in touch with us.

"No need to work alone"

Concrete examples of changes taking place in terms of packaging include fragmentation of production into more individual small batches, and the introduction of new technologies such as smart packaging.

"Organisations must be prepared for change and flexibility. We can't do things the way we used to 20 years ago. Instead, we must be able to continuously change our way of thinking," says Manu.

Tekes will attempt to support companies to meet their individual needs and to offer concrete guidance and ways to bring about new kind of thinking.

"Our cooperation with Tekes has been extremely fruitful for us. You get the feeling that you never have to be alone: the threshold of asking Tekes for any kind of assistance is low – and the answers we get are practical and make sense. There is no need to fear red tape. Quite the contrary, the applications and plans are easy to make with help from the Tekes experts," says Manu.

Further information

Head of Product Development Marko Manu
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Text: Kaiku Helsinki
Photo: Pyroll

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