Fuzu: The employment platform already has more than half a million users in Kenya

Growing on the emerging markets, Fuzu provides an online service that brings together job-seekers and recruiting companies. At the same time, the aim is to prevent problems brought about by a growing workforce.

The global population is expected to grow by more than a billion within the next 30 years. The growth is fiercest in the current emerging markets. According to estimates, Africa will grow into the largest labour market in the world by 2035, overtaking China and India.

"Over 120 million new job-seekers will enter the African labour market over the next 10 years. If jobs cannot be found for them, the result will be history's greatest wave of migration – and, possibly, the birth of new, radical political movements," says Jussi Hinkkanen, CEO of Fuzu, the developer of the employment platform for the African market.

Africa is a familiar continent to Hinkkanen. He has worked for the UN in Mozambique and in Nokia's management group for the India, Middle East and Africa region. A long career has made him familiar with the problems of the market area – and instilled in him a passion for solving them.

A boost to the career paths of job-seekers – improved recruitment for companies

Hinkkanen founded Fuzu in 2013 jointly with his former Nokia colleague, Jussi Impiö. The online service developed by the company brings together job-seekers and recruiting companies, and provides users with features such as career coaching.

The goal of the service is to tap into the opportunities offered by the fastest growing labour market in the world but also to help prevent problems arising from a growing workforce.

"In African countries, the majority of the population is under the age of 18, young people with the desire to work but next to no education. We offer them a career and growth platform that helps them to get immediate feedback for their applications and to grow as job-seekers and professionals alike," explains Hinkkanen.

For the employers, the service provides direct contact with potential employees, making recruitment faster and more efficient.

A pilot project supported by Tekes helped to launch the finished product

A participant in the BEAM programme of Tekes, Fuzu has focused on the emerging markets from the very start.

"Supported by Tekes, we run a pilot project in Kenya. The positive feedback we received encouraged us to start the product development of a commercial version. We launched the finished service at the end of 2015," says Hinkkanen.

Nowadays, Fuzu has around 700,000 users in Kenya and is used by employers such as Microsoft and consultants McKinsey & Company. In January 2017, Fuzu was chosen as one of the world's five most interesting companies focusing on the African markets.

"Our next goal is to expand to other African countries. Potential countries for our service include Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. Many African nations have a huge need for new kinds of digital services. They are also ready to pay for them, especially if the package is smartly designed and priced," explains Hinkkanen.

The aim of BEAM, the joint programme of Tekes and the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, is to assist Finnish enterprises and other actors in addressing global development challenges by converting such challenges into successful and sustainable business through innovations.

"We want to encourage companies to run pilot projects in their target markets. The funding provided by the BEAM programme reduces the risk run by the companies," says Minh Lam, the head of the BEAM programme.

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Text: Sanna Puutonen / Kaiku Helsinki

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