Admares: Luxury island in Dubai is only the beginning – Admares seeks to conquer the world

Luxury is the new normal in the wealthy United Arab Emirates, by the Persian Gulf. To achieve the wow effect in these metropolises of luxury cars, skyscrapers and designer fashion boutiques, you have to come up with something truly fantastic.

"We built a 10.000-square-metre artificial island on the sea, in front of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. We assembled the island, including the swimming pool and restaurant, in Finland and transported it to Dubai in six parts. We put it together in front of the hotel and installed it on 90 pillars," says Mikael Hedberg, CEO of Admares, a company specialising in offsite construction.

The luxury island in Dubai is just one example of the imaginative construction ideas that Admares turns into reality. Rooted in a strong Finnish shipbuilding tradition and based in Turku, Finland, the company makes its customers' wildest visions come true, whether on the sea, the shore or on dry land.

"The more challenging the final location is, the more it makes sense to use the offsite construction method. We construct the final product in a controlled environment in our own factory, and only assemble the parts on the actual site. By not having a construction site on the spot, we avoid disturbing our customer's operations and the natural environment," Hedberg explains.

"The right kind of support from Tekes"

Dubai Admares

Admares has found and carved out its own niche in the changing maritime industry. Its products take traditional Finnish maritime construction and shipyard expertise, and innovatively combine them into modern technology. The sector's ecosystem as a whole is also important:

"People abroad view Finnishness as a guarantee of quality. Finland is known as a high-tech country. In addition to having Finnish experts build our products in Finland, we also equip them with as much Finnish technology as we can, such as elevators, HVAC systems and pool equipment," Hedberg says.

Tekes has supported Admares along the way, in areas such as product development and piloting.

"Cooperation with Tekes has helped us hugely. Tekes played a major role in the early stages in particular; it immediately understood the importance of the industry and gave us the right kind of advice and support," Hedberg recalls.

Go boldly into the wider world!

Dubai Admares

Floating hotels, artificial islands and other unique buildings are arousing huge interest around the world right now. In addition to the Middle East, Admares has projects in the Caribbean, Asia and South America. Hedberg encourages Finnish companies to internationalise boldly.

"If and when you have great products, you need to set your sights on the wider world. The global market offers so much more potential than Finland's small, local one. We are a case in point. Tekes can offer valuable support to conquerors of the world. I recommend cooperation with Tekes to all Finnish companies seeking international success."

Text: Kaiku Helsinki

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