Volter's small-scale power plant is a stylish and refined product

Energy efficiency is something many would like to achieve both for financial and ecological reasons. Many solutions are available from solar panels to windmills. Volter, a company based in Kempele, Finland, wanted to enable people in sparsely populated areas to be self-sufficient in terms of energy and heat. Now Volter has renewed its small-scale power plant in cooperation with designers and is seeking growth through overseas operations.

Volter's product is sufficient for the energy needs of a small farm, for example. Production is based on the burning of woods chips, resulting in both heat and electricity. But Volter, employing a staff of 15, wanted to do things with style and therefore created a product that not only functions well but also looks good. All stages of product development have focused on the customer and to create a visually pleasing solution.

"All manufacturers should consider design issues. People buy stylish products, and a good design brings added value and desirability. A stylish and refined product also results in its users treating it with respect," says Volter's Managing Director Jarno Haapakoski.

In cooperation with design professionals

People do not necessarily associate a small-scale power plant with interesting design. Volter's unique solution has been praised, and indeed awarded, winning the 2016 Plootu Fennica sheet metal product competition. Volter received praise for combining design and user-friendliness. This does not of course mean that Volter's flagship is complete and they would be moving on to develop other products.

"We will continue to focus on what is the most important thing: continuous development of the product. We want to be the best in the world in what we do, and we believe that one top product is enough, and we will not branch out at the spur of the moment to diversify our product range," says Jarno Haapakoski.

Volter has always put a lot of emphasis on the appearance of its product, but they took it a step further when they started using design professionals. The design project carried out with Pinto Design under the Tekes Feelings programme made the design process much quicker, with the completed, aesthetically pleasing solution out on the market earlier than expected.

Most of turnover derived from exports

Volter's market is currently outside Finland. No major increase is expected in Finland, while the UK, for example, has been a pleasant surprise.

"Last year most of our turnover was derived from exports. Our retail sales now cover ten countries, and we are working on getting into the Japanese market where we see a lot of potential for us. Finnish sales are affected by future policy decisions concerning energy matters," says Mr Haapakoski.

Volter is confident about the future, because their product responds to a genuine needs and does it reliably and ecologically. However, Finnish customers are valued highly, because they helped the company off to a good start and the current success.

Additional information

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Managing Director
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Text: Ellun Kanat

Eero Lukin