Tapp Commerce: mobile solution for cash consumers in evolving markets

Turku-based startup company Tapp Commerce expands cash purchasing options with their mobile application. The Asian markets offer huge growth potential.

Tapp Market, the mobile market-place for emerging markets, improves the quality of life for common people who live in cash economies. The mobile app enables online purchases without a credit card or a bank account and people living in remote locations can pay their electricity bill, for example, by cash without travelling several hours to the nearest town. The service is operated through the smartphone of a trusted local corner shop owner who will load money on the application and then collect the payment in cash, as is customary. Tapp Market lowers the threshold of becoming an entrepreneur and offers anyone a possibility to gain some extra money as a Tapp agent.

Tapp Market is already actively used in Indonesia and in Philippines. Products and services that can already be bought via Tapp Market include mobile airtime, music and games, for example. The newest additions to product portfolio are micro insurances. At the moment sales agents in Indonesia alone have served over 1.8 million customers and the number counts constantly.

The 2013 founded Tapp Commerce employs currently 23 persons in Finland, 35 in Indonesia, seven in the Philippines and one in Thailand. Team Finland network has supported the growth path with market expertise and funding.

Finpro and Finnpartnership provided e.g. critically important market data of mobile use and customer behavior in Southeast Asia and enabled several simultaneous market studies with funding. Based on that data, Tekes' funding for young innovative companies is used to launch Tapp Market mobile app in Southeast Asia and to open subsidiaries in Vietnam and Thailand. Both Thailand and Vietnam operations are about to start while Myanmar's market feasibility is on-going.

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Tapp Commerce
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Kaj Nordgren