Second Nature Security: Ethical hackers with good intentions

Customers of Second Nature Security, or 2NS, ask the company to break into their information systems and provide an overall view of the current status of their information security. Before malicious hackers do so.

Based in Espoo, Finland, the cyber safety consultancy 2NS tests companies' level of information security, providing advice and training to customers' personnel and application developers in order to enhance information security.

"Ethical hacking is a major component of our work. We hack into our customers' information systems upon their request, before malicious parties do so. For example, we test how well our customers' websites and online services withstand targeted or un-targeted cyberattacks. We seek system vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to repair them in simple terms," says Mika Holmberg, CEO of the company, which has already been operating for more than a decade.

Overall view of cyber security status with a glance

2NS has also developed a product that provides an overall snapshot of – and ensures – the information security of a company's online services and systems. Called Morpheus, the product visualises such information in a form that is easy to understand. For example, it reveals whether the security settings and certificates of an online service are correct, the service's availability and response times are acceptable, and whether it has any known vulnerabilities.

2NS's client portfolio includes companies of various sizes, from startups to listed companies, financial institutions and public administration. Examples include Finnair, Huhtamäki, Neste Oil and Fortum. In 2015, 2NS's turnover was slightly short of EUR 1 million. During the first quarter of this year, the company's turnover has seen an increase of around 40%. As no capital investments have been made in the company, its growth is built purely on cash flow financing. It has a good financial standing and no debt.

A unique product soon to be shipped for growing global markets

"Tekes funding helped us to develop the Morpheus product. Its first version will be released this year. We have developed a product for the global market, enabling the management of information security and the recognition of potential attacks. The market is growing rapidly, the product takes only a few minutes to install and nothing like it is available anywhere else," Holmberg says.

"It is very possible that, without Tekes's support – coaching included – we would never even have begun to develop the product."

2NS has also participated in the Celtic-Plus cluster of the EUREKA Network, which uses funding and networking to maintain Europe's global competitiveness in telecommunication technologies, systems and services. Mika Holmberg confirms that the project and networks gained through cooperation have been extremely useful.

In addition, 2NS participates to SASER (Safe and Secure European Routing), a project funded by Tekes with 9 MEUR. SASER has created a testing and simulation environment, Cyber War Room. This war room includes a completely isolated miniature internet environment to simulate cyberattacks against hardware, software and whole systems and how to respond to them. This is a modern way to practice prevention of e.g. complex attacks against global digital trade.

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Image: 2NS

Kaj Nordgren