Movendos: Online coach encourages lifestyle makeovers

Movendos of Tampere, Finland, creates solutions for a problem that is at once very simple and highly complicated: while almost everyone knows how to improve their health through exercise and diet, hardly anyone works up the motivation to actually do it. Meanwhile, the markets are being flooded with healthy-living gadgets of various kinds.

Movendos' business idea is based on tackling this contradiction head-on: ultimately, it's not about the technology, but human behaviour patterns and habits. After all, the company's roots lie in research on health behaviour.

"Studies have found that measuring devices alone don't motivate people to make lifestyle changes and adopt healthy habits. On the contrary, the data provided by a gadget can discourage unmotivated people even further," says Movendos' CEO Arto Leppisaari.

A personal coach who advises and motivates is the ideal solution to this. The problem is that professional coaches are not cheap.

In response, Movendos has developed mCoach, a browser-based mobile application that enables coaches and clients to keep in touch regardless of time and place. For example, a physical therapist, psychotherapist, nurse, personal trainer or rehabilitation counsellor can use mCoach to create personalised training programmes, monitor the client's progress and guide the transformation in his or her lifestyle, in a cost-effective manner.
The latest version enables communication via a live video feed.

Huge market – 70 per cent of healthcare costs are due to unhealthy lifestyles

Public health figures suggest that a solution like Movendos has huge potential: as many as 70 percent of healthcare costs are due to unhealthy lifestyles. At the level of the national population, lifestyle changes that seem small can mean huge savings.

Movendos is mainly used in health and wellbeing coaching, occupational wellbeing, exercise coaching and rehabilitation. All training content and tasks can be tailored on the basis of the client's professional background. In addition to physical activity and nutrition, support can be provided in managing sleep, recovery, stress management, relationships and everyday routines.

"The end users of our services are just ordinary people facing everyday challenges and needs, even if professional sports coaches also use them. Our trainees range from teenagers to the over 80s. Even small changes to everyday routines can achieve major results in terms of health and wellbeing", says Leppisaari.

Small domestic market not enough; the world awaits

Rather than confine itself to Finland's relatively small markets, Movendos is internationalising step by step. The company has the UK and Spain in its sights, in addition to the Finnish market.
Movendos has been in close cooperation with Tekes from the very beginning. The company began life in the research sector, when a spin-off was created around the firm's core technology. Movendos developed the first version of its product with the help of product development funding from Tekes. Since then, R&D work has continued on the basis of a product development loan. Movendos is a participant in the Tekes Bits of Health programme.

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