Wirepas: Wireless devices in cooperation anytime, anyplace

The Tampere-based Wirepas' unique solution enables cost-efficient and reliable data collection from sensors. Team Finland’s assistance has helped the company to grow.

Wirepas, a technology company established in 2010, began as a spin-off from Tampere University of Technology. The company headquarters and product development operations are based in Tampere. The estimated turnover for this year is one million euros. The number of employees has increased from ten last year to 16 at present, and more employees are being hired all the time.

"The Pino protocol developed by Wirepas solves a range of connection problems affecting IoT devices. The insufficient reliability of sensor and cloud service connections e.g. is a major problem in current wireless systems. Our solution is the only one in the world for which no network infrastructure whatsoever, including routers, is required. Pino is integrated directly with the radio circuit, which makes each device a network in itself. We started out with electricity meters and have rapidly become the market leader in the Nordic countries. More than 1.5 million meters are currently based on Wirepas technology," says CEO Teppo Hemiä.

Other uses include smart meters for monitoring electricity, water and gas consumption; the equipping of devices with sensors; and logistics monitoring. Building automation applications, such as the monitoring of conditions in business premises or rental apartments, are also possible.

"Competing wireless solutions work only on mobile technologies (2G, 3G, LTE) and Bluetooth-based connections and in the area between these two. Our technology is the only one that is scalable without limits. It can be used in any part of the world, provided that some kind of IP connection is available."

Team Finland funding and expertise provides vital support

"We have received funding from Tekes for product development and market entry. Product development and commercialisation would not have been possible without Tekes' support. Correctly timed funding is vital for hi tech companies during the phase before operational income suffices for further development. In addition, we are currently receiving funding from the Young innovative companies programme, which is enabling us to build an international organisation and open new markets. We have recently set up offices in France and on the east coast of the United States."

Wirepas has also received vital support from other operators in the Team Finland network. Joint trade fair projects and business delegations are key tools in opening doors to the international markets. Assisted by Finpro, Wirepas visits Brazil to meet local power companies. Wirepas has also received a loan from Finnvera.

For further information, please contact

Teppo Hemiä
tel. +358 50 561 0198
teppo.hemia (at) wirepas.com

Image: Wirepas

Kaj Nordgren