Social Party: Digital rewarding solution creates satisfied regular customers

Customer loyalty programmes are becoming increasingly important to consumers. However, rewarding the customer is a challenge for many loyalty programmes. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Social Party is building an innovative reward platform, funded by Tekes through the Skene – Games Refuelled programme.

Regular customers of various companies can use Social Party's digital reward platform, Party Coins, to play and purchase games using points they earn by being loyal customers.

"Airlines are a good example of cases where only a small percentage of customers fly actively enough to collect expensive rewards. This makes ordinary customers feel that they are not really rewarded for their loyalty. Games are a good choice of reward because they provide hours of entertainment at the cost of only a few euros. Our solution enables people to spend their customer loyalty points on something that actually feels rewarding. At the same time, our customers gain new ways of attracting consumers to their loyalty programmes," says Miikka Kukkosuo, co-founder and CMO of Social Party.

Experience in different sectors led to innovation

Party Coins is a digital reward platform that provides customers with reward content on a turnkey basis. The contents are focused on digital games and gift cards. The company's first partners are currently the airline Finnair and loyalty program PINS. Their cooperation brings Party Coins' services to end users in over 20 countries. Additional partners are coming from industries like airlines, hotels and finance.

"We employ a seasoned team with decades of combined experience in the games and advertising industry. We have combined a new business opportunity, digital marketing and our experience in the gaming industry with innovation development."

When a new customer starts using Social Party's service, Social party familiarises itself with the customer's loyalty programme and members and then obtains suitable rewards for them. Social Party has formed partnerships with a wide range of brands, programmes and entertainment providers. The company itself does not design games.

"For the Finnair Plus loyalty programme, we created a service whereby consumers can use Finnair Plus points to redeem products, games and gift cards. We plan to introduce other forms of entertainment, such as movies, in the future," Kukkosuo says.

Going global with Tekes

Social Party launched the first version of Party Coins using funding provided by Tekes through the Skene – Games Refuelled programme.

"The Skene programme took us to the point where we can easily integrate new partners into our platform. It also helped us develop our product. Funding from Tekes enabled faster, more thorough and international product development. The support and contacts we obtained through Skene were equally vital."

According to Kukkosuo, cooperation with Tekes is raising interest among investors. The company is currently making a major marketing effort to raise its profile.

"In terms of sales and marketing, our target group is B2B customers, although consumers are the end users of our product. Game developers and content producers are also seeking new ways of reaching consumers in the face of fierce competition in App Store, for example," Kukkosuo notes.

"Our goal is to become a leading content provider via loyalty programmes and additional services for digital entertainment. We want to create important new distribution channels."

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Text: SST Viestintä
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